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Freebie for Kindle Users (today only)

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metamorphisis posted 6/3/2011 08:29 AM

Just saw this on another board. If you have a Kindle and ever plan to go to Europe this is a great freebie

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GabyBaby posted 6/3/2011 09:34 AM

Got it! Thanks!

story to tell posted 6/3/2011 13:33 PM

Link is not working for me.

GroundZero posted 6/3/2011 13:59 PM

Thanks meta! I got it.

Story, the link didn't work for me either, but when I typed "Let's Go Europe" in the search of the main page, clicked the first link, then selected the Kindle edition. It was there.

Or try this:

(I went through the SI link, so hopefully that means SI will get credit if you use the link.)

GabyBaby posted 6/3/2011 14:57 PM

^^ This

metamorphisis posted 6/3/2011 16:38 PM

Sorry guys! I copied the link from another board. Good idea to use the S.I. link

painpaingoaway posted 6/3/2011 23:05 PM

Got it! Thanks y'all

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