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Good Christian book to read for a newbie?

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vulnerable posted 7/19/2011 07:55 AM

Hi everyone,

I hope this an appropriate part of the forum for this question. I love reading, and I often find that books can help me through hard times.

Can anyone recommend a good book to read? Dday was only a few weeks ago, I'm the BS. I'm a Christian, and so probably something from that perspective would be most helpful. I saw on this website that some people didn't recommend Torn Asunder.

Any suggestions?


Fighting2Survive posted 7/19/2011 11:44 AM

Although "Not Just Friends" doesn't come from a Christian perspective, there's nothing objectionable in it and it is the most comprehensive, practical and well-reasoned book about infidelity on the market. I would highly recommend it.

A good book that is a general-purpose guide to a healthy M is "Boundaries in Marriage" by Cloud and Townsend. This one is a Christian-based marriage guide. It does discuss infidelity, but it doesn't provide the same roadmap for healing that "Not Just Friends" gives.

"How Can I Forgive You?" by Janis Abrams Spring is firmly rooted in Judeo-Christian concepts. Dr. Spring specifically addresses Jewish and Christian beliefs about forgiveness and bases her guidance on how to work toward forgiveness on Old and New Testament principles.

These three books are the ones FWH and I have used to guide us through the aftermath of D-day, and I'd highly recommend all of them.

m334455 posted 7/19/2011 12:10 PM

Henry Cloud wrote a book called Necessary Endings that I like. It's not about infidelity per se, but I found it to be extremely helpful.

vulnerable posted 7/19/2011 12:41 PM

Thank you both for the suggestions. I think maybe the 'not just friends' book would be a good place to start.

There's a couple in a church who know a lot about the boundaries stuff. I'm gonna spend some time talking to the wife this week. I'll definitely have a look into 'definite endings' too.

Thanks for your help.

PS. Fighting2Survive, I am reading and re-reading your 'before you say reconcile' post, thank you sharing it.

Amazonia posted 7/19/2011 20:10 PM

Maybe not right now, but when you consider R or a new relationship someday in the future, I highly recommend "Just How Married Do You Want To Be" by Sarah and Jim Sumner. It's got a heap of good advice about what Biblical marriage ought to look like, and is written by a pastor and her husband. They're very open about how tough marriage can be, but how worth it love is.

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Crazy Daze posted 7/25/2011 23:20 PM

I have read many, many books over the past two years.

I would suggest:
Desperate Marriages by Gary Chapman, also his Five love Languages;

Shattered Vows by Debra Laaser;

Unfaithful By Gary and Mona Shriver;

Love & Respect by DR.Emerson Eggerichs;

Love Must be Tough by Dr James Dobson;

My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me (I don't like the title but the author gives a first person account of her experience and the book is quite insightful).

mlc? posted 7/29/2011 18:13 PM

This one may have already been mentioned, but is a christian book on R. "Love Dare"

andywalks posted 7/31/2011 20:20 PM

Crazydaze, What is "desperate marriages about? i am going away for a week and I really want to do some good sole searching about this whole Christian marriage thing I signed up for 23 years ago. It didnt feel very Christian to me.

so_unsure posted 8/4/2011 13:53 PM

Love Must be Tough by Dr James Dobson

Crazy Daze posted 8/11/2011 15:41 PM

Sorry for the late response. I too, have been away.

Deperate Marriages talks about Reality Living; being responsible for your own attitude,how your attitues affects your actions,realizing that you cannot chang others but you can influence them, how your emotions do not control your actions, how admitting your imperections does not make you a failure, and how love is the most powerful weapon for good in the world.

It also goes into the five love languages. I found the book very helpful.

gardenmom posted 8/13/2011 09:46 AM

The 4 seasons of Marriage is by the 5 Love Lang. guy. Very good.

I loved Love and Respect, also.

Captivated is a good one for wives, and there are two for the husband by the author. (Don't remember name).

Boundaries, Boundaries in Marriage,

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