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The Passage

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Prayin4Daylight posted 8/1/2011 20:34 PM

ARGGGG !!! I hate when I fall into a book, get to the end and then realize that the sequel isn't due out until 2012.....

Anyone read this ?

Heavy Heart posted 8/10/2011 13:14 PM

Is this the book written by Cronin? LOVED IT!!! and I know what you mean about the sequel....Can't. Wait.

I understand it's suppose to be a trilogy...ugh!


abbycadabby posted 8/19/2011 08:26 AM

I read this and LOVED it. Can't wait for the remaining books to come out. This book did, however, cause me to have horrible dreams. I've never had a book do that before!

teach5 posted 8/27/2011 13:26 PM

Thanks for the recommendation- I just finished it- excellent read!

Prayin4Daylight posted 8/29/2011 20:43 PM

I was NOT expecting that ending .....

Heavy Heart posted 8/30/2011 16:42 PM

Here is the link to a preview of Cronin's 2nd Passage book called "The Twelve"



Prayin4Daylight posted 8/30/2011 17:03 PM

Ooooooh.....thanks !

imwideawake posted 8/30/2011 19:12 PM

What is the gist of this book? I'm looking for a good read.

InnerLight posted 9/1/2011 21:07 PM

After reading this I downloaded the free chapter and got hooked. I couldn't tell you what it is about but the characters and mysteriousness is compelling.

At the beginning they are recruiting death row inmates for some science experiement where they subject their bodies to some virus that kills some and makes others particularly strong and healthy that they are unkillable. They are hinting that they are creating vampires, but I don't really get it yet. I'm very early in the book. There is a little 6 year old girl that they are recruiting now. She goes to the zoo and all the animals go bezerk. I don't know why yet.

See the plot is kind of crazy right now. But it is a page turner...

InnerLight posted 9/7/2011 00:14 AM

OK Passage readers. Help!
The first part of the book was fun but when they switched to the colony in the future the plot just fell apart. Tell me it gets better or I'm not going to get through this....

trumanshow posted 9/10/2011 19:27 PM

I stopped reading when it changed to the colony

InnerLight posted 9/11/2011 23:54 PM

Me too! Loved the first part but when it shifted to the colony I got bored. Missed the FBI agent, I kept seeing him as Tommy Lee Jones, but then they wrote him out I guess.

Put it down, started reading a few other books since.

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