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In an Unspoken Voice - book on trauma

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PositivePrincess posted 8/9/2011 17:41 PM

This book (In an Unspoken Voice) was on the new release shelf at the library today.

It says "How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness" on the front.

Doesn't that sound nice?

Has anyone read it? I haven't cracked it, it looks kind of intimidating and I only have 14 days to read it since it is a new release!

It's written by Peter A. Levine, PhD.

A review said:

“To be traumatized is to be condemned to endless repetitions of unbearable experiences. In this beautifully written and engrossing book, Peter Levine explains how trauma affects our body and mind and demonstrates how to call upon the wisdom of our bodies to overcome and transform it. The accounts of his personal and therapeutic experiences, integrated with the essentials of the sciences of trauma and healing, are highly informative and inspiring. His distinctive voice should be widely heard by survivors, clinicians and scientists.”
—Onno van der Hart, PhD, Honorary Professor of the Psychopathology of Chronic Trauma, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands, and co-author of The Haunted Self: Structural Dissociation of the Personality

Taurusinpain posted 8/9/2011 18:26 PM

Adding it to my list of must reads thanks. I've found that books that relate trauma to a physical response that my body repeats has been very helpful for me. My IC gave me an article about abused children and how the body remembers and responds similarly throughout that child's life and boy did it open my eyes.

PositivePrincess posted 8/14/2011 20:16 PM

I've been having trouble reading it. It seems geared more towards counselors that to the people dealing with the trauma. Plus, it was triggering me because it kept making me think of dday

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