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Has anybody read this-

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authenticnow posted 8/27/2011 18:50 PM

Veronica Decides to Die, by Paulo Coelho.

It's the book for the new book club I was invited to join-The Happy Bookers .

About to start it...hope I like it so I have something to add to the discussion.

First book club! I'm a little nervous!

Mrs Panda posted 8/27/2011 19:53 PM

hadn't read the book but curious about the book club. How did you get involved with one? I would like to do that, I think.

authenticnow posted 8/27/2011 19:59 PM

I got involved with this one soooo randomly!

I was walking my dogs and a woman and her husband were walking and came over to pet the greyhounds. She was really nice and we were talking about our community and she told me about her book club and I told her I wanted to join the one at the library (our community has one) but the time doesn't work for me.

She said, oh no, this is a different one, we made our own...a woman named Pat who has a dog named Lilly who goes to the dog park, do you know her? And I said, I know Lilly!!! I love that dog!

Anyway, we exchanged numbers and she called me and invited me to the book club.

I was in my pajamas, didn't have my contacts in so I couldn't even see well, and this is how I found my book club.

Most productive dog walk ever!!!

Hope24 posted 8/27/2011 20:01 PM

The Happy Bookers

That's awesome.

Our book club doesn't have a name. Two other women at work and I formed it about 6 years ago.

Book stores typically have them, too.

Never heard of the book, AN, but let us know how it is.

authenticnow posted 8/27/2011 20:04 PM

I know, I cracked up when she told me.

It looks good. I was going to start it tonight but my ass won't get off the computer chair.

I will let you know.

Mrs Panda posted 8/27/2011 20:09 PM

Cool! Have fun.

Skye posted 8/28/2011 08:28 AM

I haven't read that one, yet, but now that you've mentioned it, I will. The title entices me! I read a lot of him and his books are wonderful for discussions. I promise you will have no problem contributing. Let me know how you liked it.

authenticnow posted 8/28/2011 09:30 AM

I haven't read him yet. BTW, the title is Veronika, not Veronica...noticed that last night.

Looks like it's going to be heavy reading...and very interesting.

authenticnow posted 8/30/2011 14:44 PM

Just finished it.

LOVED this book!

Highly recommend it.

Skye posted 8/31/2011 06:56 AM

Now you need to read more of his. I haven't read one that hasn't made me think. You won't have any trouble talking about it at your book club will you?

heart_in_a_blend posted 8/31/2011 10:01 AM

I read about it on Amazon and I think I would like to read this.

It's more about life than death and that is what intrigues me.

As I struggle to cope with my sister's suicide I could use a new perspective.

authenticnow posted 8/31/2011 14:29 PM

No, I won't . I'm going to have DS read it, too. He loves to read and I think he will find this one very interesting. And then I can talk to him about it, too!

I'll look for his other books, there's a list of them at the end of this one. Any recommendations?

(((heart))) That's what I liked about it. I didn't find it depressing, it gave you a whole new way to look at life, a different perspective. I am so sorry you have dealt with this personally.

Skye posted 8/31/2011 14:40 PM

"The Alchemist" is the one he's famous for and it is wonderful. "The Devil and Miss Prym" was also good. I went to Barnes and Noble to review his other books I've read. "The Winner Stands Alone" was very disturbing. Not sure I'd recommend that one.

authenticnow posted 8/31/2011 14:45 PM

Great, thanks!

authenticnow posted 9/13/2011 05:50 AM

I had my book club last night! I loved it! I didn't know what to expect but this was so much fun.

The consensus was that the book was very good and different and it brought up a lot of good questions and interesting discussions. We talked about the different characters and what we thought of them.

I had a good time

Skye posted 9/13/2011 07:59 AM

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm going to suggest one of his books for my book group. As time goes on, don't be disappointed if you don't like some of the books suggested. They can bring about the best discussions!

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