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Anyone read The Bronze Horseman?

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abbycadabby posted 9/7/2011 14:11 PM

I just finished this and I loved it (I went ahead and ordered the second and third books in the series when I was about halfway through the first book!) Maybe I won't have to wait too long for them to arrive!

Anyway, if you've read it, thoughts?

juliette posted 9/7/2011 17:06 PM

I read it some years ago and I just loved it. I didn't know there was a second and third one. It is rare that a book leaves me speechless and moved but this one did.

abbycadabby posted 9/8/2011 09:53 AM

Yay Juliette! Thanks for responding. That's exactly the way I felt as I was reading the book. The second book is titled Tatiana and Alexander and the third is The Summer Garden. I haven't yet received them from Amazon so I'm (impatiently) waiting until I can read them.

I did find myself at times wondering why Tatiana didn't just say forget it, I'm going to be with him. I mean they were in the middle of war, time is short, carpe diem and all that. However, I try to remember what a strong person Tatiana was, and how morally driven her decision making process was. I know it was only a book, but those character traits are kind of rare.

Any more thoughts?

Daffodil77 posted 9/22/2011 15:58 PM

I am an avid reader and go through books so quickly. I usually forget the plots/characters so quickly. Read these three in 2002 ish and can still recall them vividly. Could not put them down, barely slept and felt like I was living Tatiana's life!!!! Lol! Best reads EVER!

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