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Evening Class by Maeve Binchy

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Crickey posted 10/6/2011 14:45 PM

Has anyone read this?

I'm almost done with it and there are 3 or 4 infidelity storylines going on which I think is interesting, I didn't expect it to be about that at all.

Anywho, if anyone has read it I'm curious to know what others think about Connie - that character strikes me the most.


misty posted 10/7/2011 11:46 AM

I have read all her books and loved them. Infidelity in a constant theme, and she explains the BS' feelings completely so I guess knows too well how that feels.

Connie really insipred me because she is so true to her principles and did what had to be done, despite the consquences.

Absolutely LOVE Maeve Binchy

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