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Which Kindle?

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Too_Trusting posted 10/9/2011 05:23 AM

Now that the kindle(s) have dropped in price, I'm going to take the plunge. Trouble is, I can't decide WHICH to get.

The new $79 is tempting, but reviews are saying the quality isn't up to par. They say it's hit or miss to get a good one, or a dud. Also, there are complaints about it being too small to hold comfortably.

I'm not a "touch pad" person, so I'm not really considering waiting for the touch.

I'm thinking I'll get the K3 keyboard. But, do I need to spring for 3G? And, how annoyare are those special offers?

Yep, I'm a kindle virgin. Need help...

GabyBaby posted 10/9/2011 16:46 PM

I have the Kindle 3 (keyboard) with WiFi only. I looooooove my Kindle.
There have been a few occasions where I wished I had 3G, but I have so many books loaded already that it is rare that I am stuck without a book and need an emergency download.

incredulous posted 10/9/2011 17:26 PM

I love 3g so I don't need to be near a wi-fi hotspot. In my area, and traveling, that can be important for me.

good luck! I ordered the kindle fire, and can't wait to get it.

I love my kindle!

Too_Trusting posted 10/9/2011 17:50 PM

Well, I just bought a kindle keyboard w/3G & WiFi + jammin purple leather case on ebay. Listing said it was 2 months old and mint. I used buy-it-now for $119, and it has NO ADS!

I think I got a good deal...And, for that price, I figured having WiFi AND 3G would give me all the options I needed.

Hopefully, it will come this week and I can report back on how much I loooooooove my Kindle too!

betrayedinMO posted 10/9/2011 21:10 PM

I have the Kindle 3 with the 3G and I love it. I would definitely recommend it.

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