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Question about ebooks

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longtimewife posted 10/24/2011 19:17 PM

I hope this is the correct forum for this. I am not too tech saavy and I don't own a kindle, nook or any ereader. Can ebooks be read on a home computer?

marzipan posted 10/24/2011 22:14 PM

Yes. Go to Amazon, they have a reader for computers for the Kindle books. If you have a smartphone, you can usually read on those too.

Also, the other ebook places either have programs, or you can read a pdf of some sort.

Look here:

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longtimewife posted 10/24/2011 22:24 PM

Thanks. I found a book I want but it's only available as an ebook. I'll check out amazon.

capri posted 10/25/2011 20:05 PM

It's the kindle app that you can download for free and then read any kindle book on your pc. Sorry, I don't know about Nook.

poopylala posted 10/25/2011 20:10 PM

You can download Kindle app for anything and Nook app for anything. I have a nook but I also have a nook app for my pc, just because I wanted it haha.

Amazonia posted 10/28/2011 08:10 AM

longtimewife, where did you find the book? Different e-readers have different book formats, so you might need a specific program (like the kindle reader or the nook reader, etc.) for your computer.

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