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How about children's books?

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meaniemouse posted 11/29/2011 15:12 PM

Since Father of Four mentioned reading The Cat in the Hat to his kids a zillion times--which children's books did you read to your children that were really YOUR favorites?

Mine--anything by Dr. Seuss and Goodnight Moon. Plus the whole Berenstain Bears series. I really miss reading to my kids!!

I even use Goodnight Moon to teach classical conditioning to my psych students. Well, Goodnight Moon and an air horn!

FatherofFour posted 11/29/2011 15:33 PM

Good Night Moon - I love that book!

Green Eggs and Ham and Go Dog Go.

All of the If You Give a X a Y books (my personal favorite is If You Give a Moose a Muffin).

We have this goofy Sesame Street book called "Rumbly Tummy" that always cracked the kids up. It's in tough shape, but I'm saving it for the grandkids (in 20 years).

Very Hungry Caterpillar and all the Eric C. books.

What Daddies Do Best

I could go on and on and on.

meaniemouse posted 11/29/2011 15:53 PM

FOF--we have a running joke at our house. I have three girls who are gorgeous (I know, I'm biased) which makes them the target of lots of boys attention and very independent which makes them very frustrating to those same boys.

Those books, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, etc. are the standard mantra at our house. Like--be careful about paying too much attention to someone because, well, if you give a moose a muffin . . . .

authenticnow posted 11/29/2011 16:18 PM

Junie B. Jones (early chapter books). She is so spunky and funny.

NewAttitude posted 11/29/2011 16:38 PM

The Monster at the End of this Book.

Just because it was one of MY favs when I was little.

Blue Hat Green Hat by Sandra Boynton. OMG, I LOVED that book! Only because when my babies were babies (lol) they would just go into hysterics over it. They would laugh so hard it would start to be that painful laugh (you know what I mean?).

One book that was my daughter's absolute favorite that I HATED was "Are you my Mother?"

I wanted to kill that bird.

authenticnow posted 11/29/2011 17:22 PM

NA, I think we grew up in the same house! Grover!!! That book used to crack me and my brother up! And then my own kids. Love, love, love that book!

And the Sandra Boynton books, too.

Except, Are You My Mother was my absolute favorite book! I love that baby bird! Please do not hurt him!!!

"You are not my mother, you are a snort!"

And I used to do such good impressions of him reading it to my kids.

I got that book as a kid the same day as The Diggingest Dog. Love them both.

NoLongerWantHim posted 11/29/2011 18:15 PM

GWADW had a plastic bath book - Rainbow Fish - we loved that one

Sneetches - we still read that one

Sandra? Boynton did a series of board books - I remember one with hippos.


Edited to add what the kidlet remembers

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why2008 posted 11/29/2011 21:14 PM

All of the above!


Go Dog Go

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

Silly Sally (great to sing out LOUD)

alex mama posted 11/29/2011 21:47 PM

My favorite topic...

Is Go Dog Go the one where they all have the big dog party and sleep in the bed? We read that A LOT.

We read Llama Llama Red Pajama ("what's with all the llama drama?") a lot too.

Where is the Green Sheep was another favorite.

Are You My Mother?

Mike Mulligan and His Steamshovel

Santa Mouse, even in July.

Louella Mae

And my favorite - the Paperbag Princess.

Ripley123 posted 11/29/2011 21:47 PM

The Bad Dog Marley books are my new favorites that were introduced to me by my almost 3 year old granddaughter. I am also partial to the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series I read to my daughter many many years ago.

why2008 posted 11/29/2011 22:14 PM

Is Go Dog Go the one where they all have the big dog party and sleep in the bed?

In a big tree they have that raucous party!

So funny, I thought we were the only ones that read "are you my mother".

Getting ready to return "fox in socks" too much work reading that thing!

neverendinghurt posted 11/30/2011 02:35 AM

Some of my kids favourites

One Snowy Night - Nick Butterworth

Dear Zoo - Rod Campbell

Letters from Felix - constanza Droop

The Jolly Postman - Alan Ahlberg (the kids loved just about anything by him)

Mary Poppins - PL Travers

Roald Dahl books

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FatherofFour posted 11/30/2011 09:40 AM

Getting ready to return "fox in socks" too much work reading that thing!

Let's have a talk about tweedle beetles. . .

StillGoing posted 11/30/2011 09:57 AM

Nobody read to me as a kid so I didn't really have any favorites. I never read Roald Dahl either, so g_r got them all out of the basement and we had this Roald Dahl phase.

I will say that if you read The Witches to your kids and like to do voices, do not do a screechy voice for the head witch, because it will start to hurt. I did not expect that much dialogue.

I really wanted to read the How To Train Your Dragon books and the kids got into them. The whiny, wheedling voice g_r gave Toothless is epic so I make her read them for us.

JanaGreen posted 11/30/2011 10:55 AM

StillGoing, that kills me that nobody read to you as a kid. Seriously, if I had a time machine I'd go back and read to you. Every child should have someone to read to him/her. It should be the law.

My daughter is just two, so our favorite books right now are Where The Wild Things Are, Llama Llama Red Pajama, If You Give a ____ a _____ (she likes all of them), Goodnight Moon ("Nite nite moon, mommy!"), Lyle Lyle Crocodile, All of Baby Nose to Toes, and this little random book called Bubble Trouble that my SIL gave us. We have a bunch of other books as well but those are the ones that stay in heavy rotation. She went through a big Curious George phase for a while but that seems to be over for now.

Edited to add - I just saw that the question was what were OUR favorites? I hate reading Lyle Lyle because it's too damn long and she loses interest, but I love "Max" (Where the Wild Things Are) and Llama Llama because I get to use lots of fun voices and Baby Green absolutely laughs her butt off at Llama Llama and it's fabulous.

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why2008 posted 11/30/2011 11:01 AM

Let's have a talk about tweedle beetles. . .


I'd rather eat a tweedle beetle before talking about them...

in a boat
with a goat
here or there or anywhere!

wildbananas posted 11/30/2011 11:56 AM

We read every single night - I've done that since the first banana was born.

We love anything Seuss, all the Berenstain Bears books, the Junie B. Jones series, the Amelia Bedelia books, anything Beverly Cleary, Eric Carle, Sandra Boynton, the Magic Tree House series, the Bailey School Kids series, the Froggy books...

I could go on and on.

And StillGoing, it's so sad no one ever read to you - I'd do it if I could. And hey, it's never too late to be read to. Have your boys read to you and you to them! Heck, even my teen bananas still wander in and listen from time to time.

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FatherofFour posted 11/30/2011 12:27 PM

wb, we read nightly too. It's sometimes hit or miss as I am trying to bridge a 5 year age difference. But, the kids love it. Even my 10 year old.

GabyBaby posted 11/30/2011 12:37 PM

I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder books (Little House on the Prairie). My daughter (now 18yrs old) also loved these books and still has her set in her bedroom!

whatnow09 posted 11/30/2011 16:41 PM

The Giant Jam Sandwhich

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