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Untold Story by Monica Ali

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FeelsSoRight posted 11/30/2011 06:21 AM

Read review in People magazine about this book. Thought is sounded interesting and then saw it at library in the new books section. It is about Princess Diana's life if she had faked her own death and was living a "normal" life 10 years later. Of course, names have all been changed but the "facts" are almost identical to hers. Former Princess of Wales, two sons she left behind, etc. Not very far into the book but it is pretty good so far. However, I have to wonder how this book would have to make her two sons sad, maybe even mad...insinuating she'd choose anonymity (sp?) over them...

FeelsSoRight posted 11/30/2011 06:22 AM

And to clarify - under the title it clearly states "A Novel" but the photo on jacket cover has a photo of a woman facing away from camera, but who is obviously a Princess Diana look-a-like.

Skye posted 11/30/2011 06:26 AM

It seems to be a fairly new genre out there--writing "what if" books. There's one about Anne Frank grown; there's one about FDR's alleged mistress, Lucy, there's one about a President's wife, sounds just like Laura Bush, etc.

I would hope Princess Di's sons are mature enough to know that "what if" is only that.

It is hard when you're reading those books to remember they are fiction!

FeelsSoRight posted 11/30/2011 13:08 PM

I had not heard of the others. Interesting. If this book becomes popular, I bet ppl will start speculating Princess Di is still alive living with Elvis, James Dean and Michael Jackson on an island somewhere...

FeelsSoRight posted 12/4/2011 16:18 PM

Finished this book this morning. Good book overall. BUT...the ending sucked beyond sucking!

It was one of those ones with "inuendo" at the end to let the reader decide for themself what happened. I HATE THAT!!!


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