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Has Anyone Read "The Leftovers"

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Skye posted 12/5/2011 14:48 PM

No, it's not about turkey! It's a novel about how people react after millions go missing one day--maybe the rapture? There's a little bit of infidelity in the story, but I thought it was done very well.

Am curious to hear others' thoughts.

trumanshow posted 12/5/2011 15:35 PM

Is it by Tom Perreta? I have it on hold at the library

Skye posted 12/5/2011 15:44 PM

Yes, that's the one. Please come back to discuss when you finish.

uncertainone posted 12/5/2011 16:20 PM

Tom Perrotta is a genius and his "The Abstinence Teacher" was also great.

"The Leftovers" was also good. Rather bleak, but very topical!!

Skye posted 12/5/2011 16:30 PM

uncertainone, I also liked "Little Children." I was trying to think about what I would have done under the circumstances. I did not totally understand the character, Laurie.
before the disappearances
I don't want to say too much to spoil the book, so if you want to pm me with your thoughts, I'd love it.

wildbananas posted 12/5/2011 17:10 PM

I just started it this weekend - I'm about 40 pages in. So far, not bad.

wildbananas posted 12/20/2011 16:18 PM

I just finished this yesterday and I have to say I'm sort of "eh" about it. I thought the characters were very strong and realistic; I liked them a lot. But the plot, while an interesting premise, didn't live up to what it could have been. I thought there were too many loose ends after I finished it and the ending didn't make a lot of sense to me.

Ergo, I liked it well enough but wouldn't reread it. I'll be posting it on Paperback Swap.

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cmego posted 12/22/2011 21:30 PM

I read it too. It was one of those books that "haunted" me a little after I finished it. The "how would I have handled it??" and the "what if that really happened??". I don't like loose ends to a story either, but overall I thought it was a good book!

Skye posted 12/23/2011 07:22 AM

I also found it haunting. I don't know if it is just me, but may books I'm reading these days seem to have "loose" endings. In some ways I hate it, but on the other hand, I can imagine a happy ending.

I don't think Perrota could have had a tight ending to this book. To me, it would have seem too contrived if he had. Don't want to spoil it but would talk more PM's.

I felt the character of the book was ambiguity so the end had to be that way.

It has haunted me, too, cmego.

Wildbananas, I love paperback swap but I rarely
reread a book, so I use my library lots!

traicionada posted 1/5/2012 20:58 PM

I hated this book from begining to end Too many loose ends, no real character development and most important the ending was major blah

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