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Intimacy after infidelity

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Myheartstillhurt posted 12/9/2011 09:04 AM

How to Rebuild & Affair Proof Your Marriage.. By Steven Solomon and Lorie Teagno.

Has anyone read it?

IC gave it to me yesterday and I read half the book already..

Some things I have not 100% agreed with, however, they break down the stages of marriages (which they call long term love realtionshiops, LTLR, which I kinda dont like because I sometimes find myself saying "long term affair")

I like the breakdown of the relationships so far. They also have divided affairs up in three catagories as to the "why"..

So far, so good. I will give an update when I finish it.

ArialRose posted 12/9/2011 09:32 AM

I just ordered this. Have not received it yet. Are there activities or assignments for the individual or couple?

Myheartstillhurt posted 12/9/2011 10:09 AM

Last night I got to "The emotional self exercise" portion on page 68. That is the first exercise I have come to.

The end of each chapter has a chapter review, which I don't bother to read, but that set up reminds me of study format.

They are talking about Self intimacy (ironically abbreviated SI), I just scanned the rest of the book and didn't see any actual assignments, but I could have missed them.

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