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Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult

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veritas posted 12/14/2011 16:27 PM

I debated reading this book for a very long time because of the subject matter. Now that I have finally read it, I go back and forth between my image of Jodi Picoult as a person who isn't afraid to tackle delicate issues versus being a garden-variety sh!t-stirrer. Has anyone else read it? What were your impressions?

*i also have a chil with a disability who could have been diagnosed in utero if the u/s technician had known what to look for*

wildbananas posted 12/16/2011 18:45 PM

I've read most of her books... what I've found is I like about every other one. "The Tenth Circle" was so horrible (to me) that I didn't even finish it. Her last one also didn't thrill me ("Sing You Home"). It had nothing to do with the subject matter; the writing just didn't ring my bells.

Anyway, it's been a bit since I've read this one but I liked it well enough. It's definitely one of those thorny issues that make you stop and think "what if"?

Did you like it?

ETA: The ending? Seriously disliked it.

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veritas posted 12/16/2011 22:02 PM

I HATED the ending. As far as endings go, it was such a copout.

I liked the book because it made me think about myself and my beliefs. WRT the arthrogryposis community, it was relevant because there's a parent in the arthro community at the moment who is getting her child every surgery that the doctors say will make him walk. It goes against conventional wisdom that says that surgery is the last option because of bone development and the recovery period. So whereas previously she was seen as a pioneering, proactive person, she is now getting a lot of censure.

I didn't like it because as a mother of a child with a disability, I was anxious because they couldn't put a name to what she had. Once I found out, Mother Bear kicked in and said, "is that all? We got this." She also had febrile seizures and frequent ear infections, so for the first few years, I was in the doctor's office/ER at least twice a month. It's kind of galling to see someone with NO children, much less one with a disability, try to emulate our mindset. And yes, I read the book and thought, "She has a grasp on the issues but not the feelings." That's what caused me to look up her bio.

confused615 posted 3/1/2012 18:23 PM

I liked the book,but the ending was horrible. I know Jodi usually has an odd twist at the end of her books,but I was really disappointed that she chose that kind of ending for this book.

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