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What was I thinking buying Twilight???

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InnerLight posted 12/15/2011 22:58 PM

A friend said it was a fun romance even if it was teen vampires.

The sentence by sentence mood changes, hyper self consciousness and uber reactivity is driving me nuts. I am about half way through and I don't think I'm going to make it.

Does it get better? Should I persevere or give up?

ladyvorkosigan posted 12/16/2011 11:19 AM

I made it through the first one and thought it just read like a blog. I didn't think her voice was bad, just typically bloggy. And I kept thinking, is something going to happen? Like a plot point? It still feels like nothing actually happened. I also didn't figure out what the moments of intensity were that everyone seemed to be addicted to. I truly think that the cover art was the key.

Didn't read the rest of the series. Watched half the first movie. If you are a fast reader go ahead, but if this is taking serious time away from you reading better things, stop. It read very fast to me because of the bloggy tone.

Now, very good teen vampire romance is the Vampire Academy series. The first is easily identifiable in that it is actually named Vampire Academy. It is Buffy meets Harry Potter, but I actually marveled at how derivative it was without feeling at all derivative.

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JanaGreen posted 12/16/2011 11:36 AM

I read all the books. They're awful but I couldn't stop reading them. I threw them at the wall periodically because I can't stand Bella, but I still read the damn things. This is my confession, I don't know what's wrong with me.

livetotell posted 12/16/2011 11:42 AM

It's OK Jana - admitting the addiction is the first step. Twilight is literary crack. Very addictive. Very bad for you. Really no redeeming qualities. But damn if I don't want to keep going back for more. Bella is a horrible character and I kind of hate her and never want to hear/read about Edward's perfect marble skin, golden eyes, or fabulous smell....

Also, totally Team Jacob, even if he is a giant douche in Eclipse....

ladyvorkosigan posted 12/16/2011 11:51 AM

It's okay. Twilight is too pervasive. It's not your fault.

But can you describe what it is that you found compelling, emotionally? Like, what exactly was floating this gigantic boat? Obviously I get what floats romance boats but was it really that he watched her sleep or that "Do I dazzle you?" line?

I got to thinking that it could also be that the boy is worshiped as a object of beauty and that's his job, just to be rich and beautiful...and since I didn't read any further I could be wrong, but Jacob shot up like 2 feet or something, so it was his job to be enormous and physical and manly? And Bella was overwhelmingly attractive purely because of her *smell*? She was average looking, average in most ways, maybe even a bit chunky, but she appealed to what is probably the most primal sense for some reason, so that was her in? He was all staring at her in chemistry (okay, I get it, it's *chemistry*, damn) class like he hated her but it's really because her smell was making him nuts? What was Jacob's excuse? Was it also smell?

If this is the case, I can see how it would be refreshing. It takes a lot of time to be beautiful. It takes a lot of time to maintain an amazing body. But if it's just about the way you innately smell, hell, you probably don't even have to *shower*.

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Fighting2Survive posted 12/16/2011 12:21 PM

I read them but I did not enjoy them. My niece read the series and I try to keep up with what she reads so we can discuss it.

I like vampires who are vampires, and I can't stand the overload of teen angst.

The books do not get better, and the whole thing about hearing Edward's disembodied voice in the 2nd (?) book was annoying. Apparently, Bella was in need of a good counselor.

StillGoing posted 12/16/2011 13:18 PM

I read most of the first book and it felt kind of like the Playmobil version of Anne Rice. I mean, I don't much like either of them but Twilight was simple and obvious.

wildbananas posted 12/16/2011 18:41 PM

"Do I dazzle you?"

Please tell me it doesn't really say that anywhere...

Hope4TheFuture posted 12/16/2011 18:56 PM

I found this study guide to be helpful


Mrs Panda posted 12/16/2011 20:11 PM

My God. I read them all. I was not embarrassed, but rethinking that. I almost waited in line one night at midnight for the early release at Barnes and Noble.

Look my fav books are Brave New World, War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice, amongd other classics.

But I am a sucker for this trash.

Be strong women. Do not hate yourselves for loving the weakness that is vampire lust.

ladyvorkosigan posted 12/16/2011 21:53 PM

The dazzle line is in there. She replies, "Frequently."

You know these vampires sparkle in the sun, right?

JustDone posted 12/17/2011 17:27 PM

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positively4thst posted 12/17/2011 21:20 PM

I confess, when it first came out, I purchased and read Twilight. There was so much hype, I was really curious what the draw was and what teenage girls were reading. Granted, I am raising a boy. I thought it might have a little Steven King or Ann Rice to it. I didn't think it was that bad, although I didn't like the violence at the end. Just me, I just can't do/process violence.

However, I eagerly bought the second book. It started to collect dust, never even cracked it. The first answered my questions. One day I looked at the second book and said to myself, "whatever possessed you to buy it? You are never going to read it." I took it to work and gave it away.

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lost and lonely posted 12/17/2011 23:35 PM

I read all four books and personally enjoyed them all, as well as the movies. Looks like I'm in the minority here on SI.

ladyvorkosigan posted 12/18/2011 01:50 AM

I kind of wanted to like it and actually read it way after most other people because I was so tired of the ragging on that fandom, particularly the "it's all middle aged women, middle school girls, and fat chicks of any age, and how dare female humans whose sexuality is problematic for a lot of young men and immature men of any age get their squee all over my ComicCon" thing. I often do pointless things that I tell myself are acts of political resistance For Great Justice so I can avoid going to any real trouble.

But I couldn't stick with it so I told myself reading Vampire Academy in trade paperback on a plane while being a 39-yo overweight brunette dressed in obvious head to toe Kohl's was an adequate substitute.

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momoffive posted 12/18/2011 08:17 AM

The series was my summer reading a few years back... recommended by my eldest daughter.

They aren't books I would reread, and I've only seen the first 2 movies...

I'll read and watch my Pride and Prejudice anyday!

InnerLight posted 12/18/2011 11:38 AM

I know people who's opinion I respect had fun reading this which is why I read it but really it was kind of triggery for me. Not for infidelity but for addictive love.

I hate that Bella can't focus on what her friend says to her, the words just go into a blur because all she can think about is the boy.
I hate when this has happened with my girlfriends IRL!

I finished it but it was painful!

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Mrs Panda posted 12/18/2011 16:45 PM


You are right on about that. This series is not exactly pro-woman. The addictive love thing bothered me a lot too. The stalker aspects of Edward are disturbing. How helpless she is. How much she needs protecting. Not exactly a role model for young women.

NaiveAgain posted 12/18/2011 18:36 PM

i liked it

I had no interest in it at all, then my two dd's had me get all caught up in it and I had to take them to the movies to see them....then my girls grew up and did not even want to see the last two movies but I am addicted so I have to go.....

I didn't read them for a commentary on feminism and women's rights (I am actually a strong advocate on women's rights.) I am just a plain old sucker for eternal and neverending love.

Oh, and btw, I usually hate romance novels, they bore me to tears. I guess it was the vampire theme or something that hooked me here....well, plus the curiosity of how vampires work in the "real" world, the part the werewolves played, the nasty evil vampiress, and how that baby was going to turn out!

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Crossbow posted 12/18/2011 20:37 PM

I read them all, yes I did. If I weren't a fast reader and didn't have anything else I was reading right then - wouldn't have happened.

I thought the writing was awful. She did get the description of depression exactly right in the 2nd book.

I truly hated the last book. Truly. I slogged through it because I'd made it through the other 3, and I damn well was going to FINISH the freakin' series.

My W read them all, and she waited in line twice, I think, to get them when they first came out.

I go to the movies with her because I love her, and none of our other friends will go with her to see those stupid movies.

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