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The Hunger Games (May Contain Spoilers)

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JanaGreen posted 12/16/2011 11:38 AM

Anyone else feel completely depressed after finishing the last book?

Just . . . .

FatherofFour posted 12/16/2011 12:32 PM

JG, I loved that the ending wasn't all unicorns and rainbows. I thought it was a very solid trilogy start to finish.

If you liked Hunger Games, I would suggest looking into Veronica Roth's trilogy (first book is Divergent) and Alison Goodman's Dragoneye duology (Eon and Eona).

Both these are YA dystopian novels with very strong female leads.

Threnody posted 12/16/2011 13:03 PM

I was depressed, but not because of the story itself. I was bummed completely out that there weren't more. I don't remember the last time I was so breathless reading a trilogy. Series, yes (Dunnett's and Stephenson's, mainly). But not a trilogy.

FoF, thanks for the other recommendations. I'm not very familiar with YA lit, so this is helpful.

StillGoing posted 12/16/2011 13:14 PM

Really? I thought it was a pretty happy ending given the theme of the books. Hm.

FatherofFour posted 12/16/2011 13:46 PM

Thren - you know what, I had a brain fart. Dragoneye isn't dystopia at all. It's fantasy all the way. But, it's Eastern based fantasy which made for a very refreshing read.

Like Hunger Games the only thing that really makes it YA is the age of the characters.

Divergent was much more teen girl demographic as there was a lot of smooching going on. But the story is a good one, and I am interested in seeing where Roth takes it.

JanaGreen posted 12/16/2011 14:22 PM

I thought the series was really good.

The whole thing with the Capitol kids and Prim getting blown up . . . it just ruined me. I really wanted Prim to make it.

It was solid. Just sad.

InnerLight posted 12/16/2011 15:42 PM

Loved Hunger Games and read the second one two. Fast page turner.

The main girl character is like a real person with real problems and talents and relationships.

I'm reading Twilight and Bella is so empty and boring compared to her.

StillGoing posted 12/16/2011 15:46 PM

Yeah, that was sad. I must have a mental block on it because I seem to repeatedly forget the scene until it comes up in conversation.

InnerLight posted 12/22/2011 14:29 PM

Just got the last book on my kindle app. Katniss is such a great character. I loved the first 2 books.

punky posted 12/22/2011 20:56 PM

Great books. I read the whole thing I about a week. I want more, too!

InnerLight posted 12/27/2011 22:15 PM

Just finished the last book. I wouldn't say it made me depressed, but it has a melancholy feeling. But it was a great read.

fraeuken posted 12/27/2011 23:27 PM

On the third book and loving it. Looking forward to the movie.

travels posted 12/30/2011 13:14 PM

ETA: Potential Spoiler. If you haven't read the books, you may not want to read what I have here.

I just finished the 3rd book. I loved the series.
I didn't see so many of the things coming. I thought it would end with Peeta being president and Katniss with Gale. I didn't see Prim going at all.
I liked the ending. I tire of the rainbows and kittens that so many books end with.

I'm not sure I want to see the movie. I loved the first book so much, I just keep thinking they will ruin the movie.

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metamorphisis posted 12/31/2011 09:46 AM

Well I finally started these last night. I've been skimming these posts to avoid spoilers (thanks Travels for letting me know ). I'll update the title to include spoilers.
My dd has been asking me to read these forever. I'm glad I did. About a third of the way into the first book so far!

Dd is mad about the casting of some of the characters for the movie. Not sure why because I don't know much about it yet.. but she thinks it's all wrong on some of them.

travels posted 12/31/2011 10:37 AM

Meta, I'm not happy with some of the castings, either.
I think it's because we love these characters so much and have our own "visions" of them.

I was very much like that with the Harry Potter films. I've only seen two of them because I loved the books so much, there is just no way the movies can ever measure up.

metamorphisis posted 12/31/2011 13:12 PM

I can totally see that travels. Makes sense. I am a Harry Potter fanatic. I viewed the movies as a way to pass the time until the next book came.
I was that annoying person who would go on and on to my husband about everything that was wrong or left out
Some of those characters I think we're just perfect. Alan Rickman as Snape? Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix? Maggie Smith as Minerva? BRILLIANT. Every one of them were just wonderful. But some of the characters did really leave something to be desired.

So all that to say.. I can see what you and dd are saying. It's never quite the same. And she is in love with these books. I think she started them in 7th grade, or maybe 6th. She's wanted me to read them for a long time.

metamorphisis posted 1/3/2012 09:27 AM

Ok.. finished the first book. Intensely readable. Once the games started I wouldn't look up for over an hour, and had no desire to skip ahead. I just wanted it all to slow down and kept making checks to see how many pages I had left to go. I did not want it to end. So two thumbs up from me.

I looked up some of the characters for the movie. Katniss is wrong IMO. Woody as Haymitch works for me.... and Foxface is wrong to me. She looked so much edgier, maybe even meaner or cunning,in my mind.

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sparky posted 1/3/2012 16:04 PM

Loved the books. Some issues, but they were very well written, very adult ending (sad compromise with love situation, etc.).

betrayednerd posted 2/17/2012 08:26 AM

Just finished the series myself. Loved it, I really did.

Anyone else struggle at times, trigger wise? Just the dynanic between the tortured soul of Katniss, not just being torn between Gale and Peeta, but all the struggles going on with finding the truth in herself...

I couldn't help but thinking of my WW reading this just before her ONS. Knowing she was in a tortured state. Couldn't help but think she was relating to Katniss in some ways. I read it after DDay. Seeing some of the things she highlighted (we have a shared account on our kindles and can see the highlights) was striking to me. She even compared me to Peeta at one point when I was early on in the book. Calling him "uncomplicated." I didn't really know how to take that. I sure felt like Peeta towards the end, going crazy, not knowing what to believe...

I didn't ruin the book for me by any means. It's just the most I've "felt" from a book in a long time, probably ever.

That being said my WW and I will be taking our 14yo niece to see it when it opens :-)

itainteasy posted 2/22/2012 11:48 AM

I really, really loved this series.

I can't wait to see the movie.

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