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Chapter Four: The Peace Train of Hope and Healing

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tammyjean100 posted 12/26/2011 18:56 PM

Herein begins the Fourth Chapter of the Journey of Hope and Healing.

The Train was begun in Summer of 2010, when I knew ranting was good...but I also needed peace. As of this evening, Boxing Day 2011, we have posted almost 3000 posts. Many SIers have traveled, either for a period of time, or as continuous riders.

We have had our experiences, all different in some way, to some degree. Yet, our stories, our chapters as we ride along at various speeds, have a certain similarity. We have been lied to, betrayed, at some point, hurt beyond adequate description.

Yet, here we are, still living, still breathing, continuing to heal. Still supporting each other, thanks to this wonderful, fabulous web site, SI. We SIers are a different breed, ordinary, yet extraordinary at the same time.

We are The Riders of the Peace Train of Hope and Healing.

Come one, come all. The Ride costs nothing but some words, or even just an emoticon.

twinkie posted 12/26/2011 18:59 PM

Jump on!! We are all moving toward healing at our on pace but we can enjoy everyone's company!!

tammyjean100 posted 12/26/2011 19:38 PM

Hey, twinkie!

Calling all Trainees!!!

Please contribute stories, memories, of rides on the Peace Train...the monkeys, farting dogs, etc....

- Casey Jones, engineer
- Eek, our screechy spider monkey. He did a wonderful job of scaring away the baboons and babbons (thanks to GSG and IWVH ). (Babbons = female cheaters). He has retired; we tired him out.
- Kittie Wipes. Kitties on the train who tolerated us squeezing them, and weeping all over them. The first Kittie Wipe, Midnight Dance of the Raven Lunatics, has since passed away.

Midnight is snuggled up to The White Dog...The White Dog is part-time Farting Dog. These great puppy doggies became, thanks to Ellejay, goggies. We have quite a few goggies now.

Celebrations became known as "celebriations," compliments of FF.

Many of us have been in and out of the Soliciator Car. The Bar Car. The Edumacation Car. The Lounge. We took out quite some stock in some tissue companies, the cowboy hat companies, the boa companies, and journal companies.

This Train, though, is my journal. And the one place that must be credited for my healing, and journey to peace. Making new friends, some of whom I have met in person. One of whom is at the very least my Numbwe Onw BFF.

Peace out, Trainees.

aka Silver Girl...

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FaithFool posted 12/27/2011 18:18 PM

I'm jumping on here. No live kitties or goggies in my no-pets-aloud condo, but I'll always have my pink boa, my hat and my boots ready for ass kicking.

So many of us have passed through the fire and come out the other side HEALED and better for it.

As a newly-officially-divorced person, I look forward to a new year with fresh dirt on my shoes from new adventures, as opposed to the old shit that was stuck on them for so long I had to find a pointed stick and a puddle to get the last of it out....

Off to the Video Car to re-watch the first season of Rescue Me (just finished watching the end of it...) and a Denis Leary rant on DVD.

Will probably have some whipped cream on apple crumble at some point, along with leftover chicken and some brown rice stir fried with onions, mushrooms and peas.

And a side of jaffa cakes.

Having a lovely holiday from work here.

Hugs to all.

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stretch13 posted 12/27/2011 22:06 PM

i've never drunk so much as i did on this train...safely, with mammalian body guards watching my poor limp body recover from way too much contact.

i've never soaked up so much support and laughs and friendship as i did on this train...or gotten a hand-up off the ground so dependably and sweetly.

jump on, it definitely can't hurt. in fact, there's room...or a whole car...for everyone to grab a little peace and quiet and love.

Ellejay posted 12/28/2011 00:07 AM

A new Chapter of the Peace Train. I feel honoured to be part of it. Thank you TJ for starting this, what a great idea!

FF - Congratulations on your new found Freedom. It sounds strange congratulating someone on their divorce but I know how liberating this must be for you amongst the sadness.

Land of Ellejay:

Up to my eyes and ears in work, trying to get things under control in preparation for my departure (as soon as I find another job that is!). Feeling quite energetic at the moment after about a month of real depression and delayed rage. Feel very positive today. Went for an hour long walk this morning and I'm going to try my best to make this a habit. Keep reminding me people
The goggie went for a big walk on the beach today also, he is wacked out on the couch, he is only very small still.

Happy holidays Trainees. Looking forward to lots of Fun & Peace on The Train.

Love EJ

afraidshesgone posted 12/29/2011 20:16 PM

Excellent football food in the Lounge Car...wore newest ND sweatshirt with Fightin' Irishman on no avail. Notre Dame done lost. Again.

But the nachos were quite good.

And tomorrow, we purchase a recumbant exercise bike, to be ensconced in the Gymboree Car. Need exercise, but too Damn cold outside.

Hope everyone is doing well. A new year about to begin. Let us make it a good one!


I will be happy posted 12/31/2011 18:03 PM

All the best for the New year fellow trainees.


tammyjean100 posted 12/31/2011 18:25 PM

New new year traditions.

- shrimp spicy and salad
- riding about viewing outdoor lights
- pitting in for vacation at midnight so no one puts GSG on call on holidays ever again
- chili chocolate cupcakes with creamcheese icing

The New Year will be a good one.



Ellejay posted 1/1/2012 00:35 AM

Quietest but best New Year ever. Spent it with friends who love me and my daughter whose love is priceless. Didn't have a partner to kiss when the clock struck 12 but that was OK. I had the presence of people who would never betray me which equals pure gold IMO.

Hope everyone finds true happiness in 2012, finds the peace they are searching for, begins the journey to achieve their dreams and gives themselves permission to open their arms and their hearts to receive the true love that is out there for all of us.

Peace to all at this time.


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I will be happy posted 1/2/2012 07:43 AM

Happy January

I am off to Batam again,
Back to the sunshine, flying out on 4th Jan returning middle of March.
At least I will be busy which is a good thing for me.

Ta ta little red kitchen, and sorry friends, but there will be no treats until I get back.
bought a new oven, arrives on the 5th Jan - good job I have a friend who will let the delivery people in.

Had a quiet new year celebration, watched an old classic, "Morcombe and Wise" and then to sleepy bye byes at about 10 past midnight.

Bring it on 2012.

Time to no longer dwell on the past, most certainly time to look forward to the future.

Big hugs to everyone


tammyjean100 posted 1/2/2012 07:56 AM

Safe travels, IWBH.

Ellejay posted 1/2/2012 11:58 AM

IWBH - Happy times in Batam and safe travels. 2012 will bring great things for you I am sure, you seem to be moving forward in a positive way. We miss the images of your wonderful baking though!

Happy New Year to all Trainees!!

41 degree this week in Adelaide, damn hot and not good for the Goggie.

Love to you all


Griefstricken25 posted 1/2/2012 15:11 PM

I've kind of been waiting for a new "chapter" to hop on the train, as I get overwhelmed joining threads with too many pages. So, I'm taking the leap!

I'm very healed (with a few rough times and edges here and there), and FINALLY divorced as of last month. So, I get to begin this year without the ball and chain of my marriage holding me down.

I'm hoping and praying for a peaceful year, more stress-free time with my kidlets (I'm solo mum 100% of the time to 3 kids, ages 2-9), and a trying to embrace what life IS, not what it was or what I think it could be. I want to live more in the present, not the past or the future.

tammyjean100 posted 1/2/2012 15:22 PM

Welcome to the Train of Peaceableness, GS25! I made up the peace word...

Bye bye 2011. Been a crazy year for many of us. Glad we have an arbitrary line to cross and move on in our life journey.


macakipa posted 1/2/2012 20:12 PM

Here's my ticket, may I come aboard?

I am just starting to walk through the fire (filing for D this Thursday), heck if I could run I would!

My traveling companions will be my 3 chihuahuas, Chico, Kiki and Reina as well as my kitty Meshoo.

My children may join me at times depending on what stop the train takes, but they know that I need some time to travel alone too.

Best wishes to us all for a wonderful 2012!

tammyjean100 posted 1/2/2012 21:26 PM

Welcome, Macakipa!

Always room for more trainees, farting goggies, and "kids" of all ages...(mine is 31.. )

Grab a boa, any color. Mine's hot pink.



Ellejay posted 1/2/2012 23:52 PM

GS25 & Mac - Welcome!

This is a positive place to be, great for starting the healing process. I am travelling with 3 kids, 1 Goggie, a couple of possums in the tree across the road, three kangaroos, 10 million flies and a partridge in a pear tree.

Welcome to Australia!

Hope you have a great time on the Peace Train.

EJ xxxx

tammyjean100 posted 1/5/2012 06:46 AM

Got to change this train snow in the USA great Northeast!

Lots to do in Edumacation Car this week. Yipes.

Peace to all trainees.


macakipa posted 1/5/2012 07:16 AM

Thank you all so much for welcoming me aboard!

I am going to get settled in and then check out the there a Serenity Car? My first stop this morning is at my lawyer's office to sign filing papers...need some contemplation time

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