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traicionada posted 1/5/2012 18:03 PM

I'm not an Elizabeth Gilbert fan I hated Eat, Pray & Love the movie so I never gave the book a chance but my Book club peeps selected Committed for January I just finish downloading my library copy of it but I'm finding hard to get into it Has anyone read it?

wildbananas posted 1/6/2012 21:57 PM

I haven't read "Committed" yet but I wanted to say that the movie version of "EPL" was WAY worse than the book. Definitely read the book. It can be a bit triggery in the beginning for sure but the spiritual path she walks is interesting.

Skye posted 1/7/2012 07:18 AM

Really enjoyed "EPL" and didn't expect to! But I hated "Committed." Actually, I'm not sure I even finished it, since it wasn't for book club.

traicionada posted 1/8/2012 20:50 PM

I watched EPL because my mom really wanted to see it and my dad was refusing to watch it with her so I took one for the team So far committed is annoying and sort of lacks a solid story line; feels more like a bunch of crappy short stories bunch together

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