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Vampire Diaries

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FogHater posted 1/5/2012 20:07 PM

Amybody read them
I am thinking about reading the series
Are they good?
My sister watches the series and say it is good.
But has not read the books
Her daughter has read them and says there good

sadcat posted 1/28/2012 09:22 AM

The original books were ok, very different from the series though. Then the network bought the rights and a lot of the new books coming out are NOT by LJ Smith (original author, also wrote the Secret Circle books which they made a horrible show out of).

I have not read anything past the original four books.

poisonette posted 2/10/2012 13:58 PM

I read the books. They're pretty good if you like teen stuff.

I couldn't even get through the pilot episode on TV. I kept asking "When is something good gonna happen?"

Betrayed_Angel posted 2/12/2012 18:33 PM

OMG I loathed the books. I read them before the show came out...or I tried to, I couldn't finish the first one.

The Elena character from the books is vapid, narcissistic, and a bitch.

Seriously she goes after Stefan simply cause he is the only guy in school who doesn't seem to want her.

bluelady posted 2/18/2012 17:50 PM

I didn't make it through the first book either. I found the writing to be awful. Easily comparable to the short stories my junior high kids were writing. In some cases, my seventh graders did a better job.

sadcat posted 2/19/2012 11:14 AM

I like LJ Smith a lot, but yeah this was her worst series. Love Secret Circle though.

Of course it is pure fluff, but nothing wrong with that!

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