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Kindle question

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Too_Trusting posted 1/29/2012 13:56 PM

I'm a relative newbie to my kindle, and I'm hopelessly addicted already. But, I need help in how to search for books on it. How do you search for free or less expensive books?

Amerasia posted 1/29/2012 19:54 PM

Hi Too Trusting,

There are many sites where you can download free books on your PC, but you would then need to attach your Kindle to your PC with a USB cable to transfer the files.

If you don't want the hassle, you can go through Amazon to get free books. The have a lot of classics:

There's also a Totally Free Kindle Books link:

Here's their link to bargain books ($3.99 or less):

You should check with your library district, too. My branch offers free Kindle books.

Lionne posted 1/29/2012 20:46 PM

Two more free sites

Too_Trusting posted 1/30/2012 05:58 AM

Thanks for all the great suggestions! I was trying to find books ON my kindle, and it seems that Amazon makes the free/low cost books VERY hard to find!

ItsRocky posted 1/30/2012 08:13 AM

I am going to give specific detail, hope I don't give the impression that you haven't figured parts of this out, but I want to be thorough, in case you are brand new to Kindle.

I am assuming that your kindle is the version that has wireless, so you want to search from the Kindle itself.

You can't do it from the middle of a book, so press the Home button.

Then the Menu button. Make sure it says Wireless in turned on.

Use the directional button to scroll around to get to the words you need to highlight.

Highlight "Shop in Kindle Store" and then press the unmarked square button (the middle part of the directional button), the enter function.

It connects to store, look under the "Featured" section, highlight "Kindle Best Sellers" press the enter function.

A list of the Best Sellers Top 100 Paid will appear, but in the upper right corner in small print, highlight the words "Top 100 Free" and press the enter function. And browse away!

I also search around on Amazon's website. If I find something that I am interested in but it isn't in the top 100 list. I either "order" it to be downloaded to my Kindle or I write down the title and use the search function at the bottom of the page while in the Kindle store.

Hope that helps without being insultingly basic.

jolene posted 1/30/2012 13:44 PM

Oooooh, I've had my Kindle for a pmonth now and didn't know that, It'sRocky!

Thanks for the tips guys!

Too_Trusting posted 1/30/2012 17:39 PM


THAT was exactly the kind of directions I needed, so THANK YOU soooooooo much! I haven't done much on my kindle except download a few books and read like mad. I want to explore some of the less expensive or free books so I don't go bankrupt lurving my Kindle!

Dark Inertia posted 1/31/2012 00:18 AM

I have also discovered that when you go to the kindle shop and start typing in the book title it automatically will pop up the name of the book and the word "free". So far I have downloaded about 5 books that way. Keep in mind I read a lot of classic, old stuff, which I think is more likely to be free.

I love my Kindle Fire. <3 It's terribly addictive.

Too_Trusting posted 1/31/2012 05:43 AM

Thanks to ItsRocky's most excellent directions, I just downloaded 3 free books - wooooooot!

Thanks again!

GabyBaby posted 2/2/2012 17:04 PM

You can also search Amazon for free books by entering 0.00 in the search field.

New Joy posted 2/25/2012 11:08 AM

DS recommended the Top 100 free books to me when I 1st got my Kindle because I could see how easily I could end up spending a fortune. I've found it a quick easy way to find a good variety of books.

I haven't tried the $0.00 search method in ages but when I did I found there are thousands & thousands of books on that list that seemed like an overwhelming amount to sort through.

HIDINGFROMCRAZY posted 2/25/2012 11:13 AM

Kind of off topic, but I have to give a shout out for Kindle customer service.

Got my first Kindle for Christmas 2 years ago, a gift from DD. Became addicted immediately. Not quite a year later, one day the bottom half of the screen went out - either white or little lines through it. I tried the usual fixes, turning it off and on, etc. without luck. I called the customer support expecting them to tell me it was screwed and go buy another one. Nope - they said they were very sorry I was having problems, a new one was in the mail that minute, just print out a postage paid address label, and send the broken one back in the box! And it happened just like they said. I had a new one, totally free, in 2 days.

Fast forward to yesterday - exact same thing happens to the screen. I go online and read the warranty, and figure I'm SOL this time - it's been more than a year since the first purchase. BUT the customer service guy looked up my account, and said a new one is on the way, should be here Tuesday! I'm reading the book I was in the middle of on my laptop until then.

I love Kindle!

jewel123 posted 2/25/2012 13:10 PM

My mom gave me the original kindle for christmas. I love it. Plus, she registered it under her name as her second kindle so I have access to everything she had already bought. Now she also has access to anything I buy.

Awesome idea!

Crossbow posted 2/26/2012 15:39 PM

I have become addicted to Ereader News Today and Pixel of Ink on Facebook. I check them both several times per day. It's really fun and exciting to see what's free, even if I don't end up getting any of them.

I have downloaded several books that I would have never bought, but they sounded interesting.

BTW - many, many public libraries have books available to "check out" on Kindle. Oddly enough, our City Library doesn't have much, but the County Library has a lot. And my mom gave us her library card info for the HOUSTON Public Library, which has opened up our options tremendously.

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