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Another Kindle Question

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Crossbow posted 2/5/2012 15:42 PM

My W ordered me a Kindle for Valentine's Day. Am I gonna like this thing???

LosferWords posted 2/5/2012 16:31 PM

I love mine. I take it with me practically everywhere I go.

Fighting2Survive posted 2/5/2012 19:46 PM

Both DH and I love ours. I was very reluctant to get one because I love the feel and smell of books, but I finally let a friend talk me into trying the Kindle. DH gave it to me for Christmas 2010.

Love it! I bought him for Valentine's Day this past year so now we both have one attached to our hands while we are home. We're thinking of getting DS one for his birthday.

It's so easy to get access to whichever book you want almost immediately, and I love having my whole library with me when we travel. No need to makke trips to the library anymore either. We both have the leather covers with the attached reading lights. They feel like a nice book, and the reading lights are great for night time reading. I turn my Kindle around and use the light like a flash light when I have to get up after DH has gone to sleep.

Can you tell I'm sold on my Kindle?

wincing_at_light posted 2/5/2012 22:01 PM

I got a Kindle for Xmas. I'm very much a glue-and-paper book guy, but I really, really like it for light reading.

If you're doing heavy reading and like to annotate, produce marginalia or just make notes for further research, then it would be a massive pain in the ass.

So, yes for novels, but you'll despise it if you try to use it as a textbook replacement.

Fighting2Survive posted 2/5/2012 22:41 PM

you'll despise it if you try to use it as a textbook replacement

Completely agree. My textbooks and other reference books are still very much a part of my life. Hard to stick a color-coded tab in a Kindle and the Note/Highlight function is just awkward to use.

But for recreational reading, the Kindle is wonderful.

LosferWords posted 2/5/2012 22:47 PM

Actually, the annotating and highlighting features are quite useful once you get used to them. Perfect for recreational reading and self help books.

I couldn't see using those features for academia or work reference material, though.

Crossbow posted 2/6/2012 21:25 PM

Thanks, y'all. I was kinda when she told me, because I have never expressed the least interest in Kindles/Nooks/etc. I do read voraciously (and annoyingly quickly), and every now and then I have to go out of town for work for a few days. That's what she really wanted it for - when I'm on tour. It's utterly impractical to take along as many books as I'll actually read... unless I have something like this Kindle.

Starting to look forward to it.

InnerLight posted 2/6/2012 21:33 PM

I understand that you can share a kindle book for 2 weeks. Has anyone done this and how has it worked for you?

leapyearbaby posted 2/8/2012 23:47 PM

Well....the downside is you're gonna spend more money. I like mine and plan on upgrading to either the Fire or the Nook, but it is very easy to buy books online. I was always (and still am, to a lesser extent) into used books, paperbacks and trading ones I had read for ones I hadn't. I could go and get a bag of used paperbacks for what I spend on one online book, so I try to be judicious. It is wonderful for traveling and there are numerous sources for free or low-cost books, which helps.

Dark Inertia posted 2/9/2012 02:56 AM

Which kindle did she order for you? I am glued to my Fire... which I am using to post on right now.

Crossbow posted 2/10/2012 15:46 PM

It's a Touch. I think I love it LOL.

We can get library books for Kindle (and my mom, who lives in a HUGE metro area, gave us her library card so we can "borrow" even more Kindle books from there).

I had a run-out concert an hour away last night, read my Kindle, didn't have to worry about lugging around an actual book. So far I really like it!

madseason posted 2/10/2012 20:09 PM

Since I know you're on Facebook , "like" Pixel of Ink. Freebie and cheapie books that are updated everyday. Enjoy!!

jadedheart posted 2/10/2012 20:35 PM

I have a Kindle...H got it for me as a bday gift. I never expected it, nor would I have bought it for myself. I am a book in my hand kinda girl. However, it is awesome for on the go. I can keep it in my tote bag and can read while I am waiting on the kids somewhere like dentist, doctor, etc. I can also put my audio books on it and not take up all the memory in my 8g ipod. I still like a real book in my hand, but it has grown on me! And I really like the fact that so many of the classics are free to download on it! Enjoy!

RidingHealingRd posted 2/11/2012 04:09 AM

My bet is YES!
What a nice gesture on the part of your W.

devoted_daddy posted 2/12/2012 01:28 AM

I've had mine over a year and love it. I have not read a paper book since I got it. I didn't think I would like one until I saw one. I kept thinking small computer screen but not being backlit it's not like that at all.

My daughter has a Kindle Fire. It is also very cool. Like a small tablet computer.

NoLongerWantHim posted 2/12/2012 09:40 AM

Santa brought GWADW a Kindle Fire -

So far she's discovered books, games, internet surfing, netflix....

Now I hold onto it, and I love it.

Crossbow posted 2/16/2012 23:50 PM

W was using Kindle on her Droid phone, so I found her a cheap NIB on ebay and got it for HER for Vday :) She is over the moon!

Also you can find Ereader News Today on Facebook, which additional free Kindle books each day, many of them different from Pixel of Ink. I have been trying out new authors for free that way!

PLUS there's the Kindle Free Popular Classiscs, where you can find thousands and thousands of free books. WOW.

I have barely spent anything on buying books so far, just the free stuff and library books.

Fun! I really like it!

New Joy posted 2/25/2012 10:57 AM

So, Crossbow, what's your reaction to the Kindle now that you've had it awhile?

Wanted to add that there are a lot of free books on Amazon. I'm in a really tight budget crunch right now, so I turn to the Top 100 free book list for things to read. Are they New York Times Best Sellers? No, but on the whole they've been good reads.

Crossbow posted 2/26/2012 15:45 PM


I regularly check the free Kindle specials daily, and have gotten lots of the free stuff on their Popular Classics list.

Not to mention checking out library books for Kindle! That's pretty awesome too.

I love it. I would never have imagined I'd enjoy it so much.

Probably my favorite thing is when you turn it back on, it goes right to the page you were reading. No more lost places because the boys knocked down my book, or looking for a bookmark, etc.

Melody3 posted 4/6/2012 12:19 PM

I'm thinking about purchasing a Kindle. The Kindle Touch with the keyboard for $99 at WalMart. Is it worth it or should I save another $100 for the fire?

I never thought in a million years I would be interested in one of these but after looking at how many books I have stacked in the back of my car currently....I'm gonna lose one at some point....inevitable!!! I should get a kindle. More info. please everyone. Thanks!

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