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The Paris Wife

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HIDINGFROMCRAZY posted 2/17/2012 11:09 AM

Based on the 1st marriage of Ernest Hemingway. True story of marriage and infidelity.

While sad, I thought it was a very good read, and did a great job describing the feelings/thoughts of the BS, the WS & the OP. I think the author must be a BS, and maybe she's here on SI?

You wish his BS had access to SI back in the day. You want to scream "Nooooo" when she first tolerates the OW (a formerly trusted friend) virtually moving in with them. Then when she imposes a 100 day NC rule towards the end of the marriage, you realize she's finally getting it. Even though it doesn't result in their reconciliation, at least it helps her make her decision.

And the postscript - even though you know what happens - is pretty golden. She marries and has a good, long term marriage with the 2nd husband. Hemingway marries the OW, has 2 more kids, then leaves her for another OW, and finally there is a 4th Owife. Then he kills himself.

Nice job of discussing how the artists/intellectuals of that time thought they were being so advanced and modern to embrace infidelity and open marriage, but how empty their emotional lives were, and many were secretly longing for the old-fashioned, traditional values they were so happily casting aside.

Anyone else read it?

Skye posted 2/17/2012 15:02 PM

I read it and agree with everything you said. The author did a good job of showing the WS as the problem rather than the BS. We don't see that whole lot! It has made me want to reread some Hemingway.

Frogger posted 4/1/2012 12:28 PM

Same here. I was surprised it didn't trigger me but instead made me feel "normal." I think it did a great job of portraying the BS's thoughts and feelings.

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