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How to Love Consciously (Download Free)

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beautifulmess posted 2/27/2012 18:19 PM

This might be old news, but I just found this website yesterday. I was reading through other areas of the site - which I recomend as well and found this. . . .

ColorMeSurprised posted 2/28/2012 08:04 AM


painpaingoaway posted 2/28/2012 08:40 AM

Thanks for sharing this. i'm looking forward to reading this. This grabbed me right off the bat:

The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost. - Gilbert Chesterton

beautifulmess posted 3/2/2012 16:13 PM

So this is a very quick read. It's more like a booklet. . . Great info in there for me.
Hits on what I think are some of my core issues. Self love and conciously loving not only myself be choosing to be loved, let love in.

Very interesting stuff.

Helen of Troy posted 3/2/2012 19:29 PM

Thank you!

runoverbytruck posted 3/2/2012 21:27 PM

Thanks for sharing!

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