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Aubrie posted 3/2/2012 10:51 AM

So I thought that since the Teen parents got a cool club, those of us who aren't that far along should have our own.

Feel free to share stories, advice, vent frustrations, whatever!

P.S. To you teen parents who would love to're welcome to join in..

Ok, I'll start.

This morning I heard the chair scrape across the kitchen floor. I heard rummaging around, then the chair scrape back towards the table. A minute later, DS comes crab walking into my bedroom with his hands behind his back and a huge grin on his face.

"Mama...I'm...I'm hungry. I'm hungry to these. But they're yours. Can I have two!?!?"

He brought his hands out front. Sure enough. He's holding a Girl Scout cookie box of Samoas. I told him that those were Daddys, he's have to ask him. He giggles, "Can you call him!?"

We dialed Daddy up, he answers, all DS says is, "Daddy, I'm really hungry! Can I have two? Pleeeease?"

Daddy confirmed he could have two and hung up. As I'm counting the cookies, DS announces, "I can have two! No, two anna half!" No DS, just 2.

icbtih8 posted 3/2/2012 11:02 AM

Where do I sign up?

My dd isn't quite there yet (will turn 2 in April) but I love how at 22 months she is her own person. Her own person who wants Nemo one minute and Beauty and the Beast literally the next minute. Goldfish one minute and in the next breath says she wants grapes. I swear I'm raising my mother.

Aubrie posted 3/2/2012 11:06 AM

DS is going thru a phase where breakfast consists of 2 Girl Scout cookies and 1 slice of bread with "JUST peanut butter on it. NO jelly. JUST peanut butter."

I swear I'm a good parent and I try to serve balanced meals.

RS2731 posted 3/2/2012 11:24 AM

I'm in - but I'm on my phone, so I will post later.

Heartbroken1993 posted 3/2/2012 12:00 PM

Ok I got a 15mth DS and a 3yr DD. Oh where should I begin.....
checking on DS because it got eerily quiet and found him on the TOP (not the sitting part, the dangerous defining gravity part) of the couch while pulling out every tissue from it's box OR when DD runs into her brothers room deliberately pees on his floor or should I say the dr. seuss book that is on the floor of her brothers room. Luckily IASS had to deal with peeing stint

BooBoo! posted 3/2/2012 12:04 PM

I'm in the trenches with you all too! D is 2, bossy, total daddy's girl, cute as can be but very spoiled...I'm the oldest, she's the first grandchild, see where this is going!

this morning I was making her oatmeal and instead she points to the candy bag she recieved from a bday party we went to and when I tell her no she throws herself on the floor for her morning tantrum...when she finally calms down and sits down to eat her breakfast she looks at me as says "mommy go"...meaning she wants me to leave the room and not look at her when she's eating.....I already see the teeanage years are going to be fun

tesla posted 3/2/2012 12:35 PM

Yay!! I'm in!

3 yr old son and I also went around about breakfast this morning. I'm pretty boring, so breakfast choices are the following: toast and jelly, granola bar, cheerios with honey or yogurt (or any combination thereof). DS says, "No, mommy. I have snack first then breakfast."
Snack is chocolate chip cookies that grandma made for him

Ended up throwing an epic tantrum over it. God, the patience this child requires!!! But in the end he opted for jelly toast and yogurt. And at snack time he got his precious 'gramma cookies'!

Aubrie posted 3/2/2012 12:45 PM

Daily vent....

WHY does he change his underpants EVERY time he uses the bathroom!? And what in the world is with that weird "guy smell" in the bathroom? I swear I clean it every other day and yet, it lingers. Gag.

icbtih8 posted 3/2/2012 12:57 PM

Food. Argh. My dd will eat anything and everything as long as its not in her plate. She's good if it's in mommy's plate, daddy's plate, the floor, anywhere but her plate.

Lalagirl posted 3/2/2012 13:19 PM

Are grandmammas of toddlers welcome? I'm very well qualified...LOL!

GS is 2.5 yo. He has a new tactic when he's doing something he knows he should not do.

The other day he was at our house and was drawing on the wall. Just when I walked in the room, he turned to me and said, "Grandmom, I'm SO proud of you...I love you SO much!" His mamma told me this is his new diversionary tactic...worked pretty well, cause it totally took my mind off of fussing at him about drawing on the wall.

Potty training is a joke. He has no interest at all. When he has to #2, he goes into another room and shuts the door. If you enter, he will say, "Please get out; I need my "pri-za-see."

broken&lonely posted 3/2/2012 13:30 PM

I have one of these. She'll be three in June.

She slept all night in her new big girl bed last night.

Aubrie posted 3/2/2012 13:37 PM

"Grandmom, I'm SO proud of you...I love you SO much!"

I hear ya. When they start with the "I love you Mommy!" for no reason, I get worried.

She slept all night in her new big girl bed last night.

Yayyyy! I love when they sleep in their own beds!

BooBoo! posted 3/2/2012 13:51 PM

Potty training in our home isn't going well at all here either! She will sit on her toilet only after she has done her buisness in the diaper.......and she takes her diaper off after #2 without telling me lol and then I have to chase her around and pray she doesnt smear any all over the place....I did hear duck taping the diaper works tho lol

Crossbow posted 3/2/2012 14:46 PM

Hmm. No Dads??

Aubrie posted 3/2/2012 14:50 PM

Dads are more than welcome! Crossbow, you've had some great stories! Bring it on!

RS2731 posted 3/2/2012 15:38 PM

DS asked for chicken nuggets for dinner. I heated them up and added some ketchup (the OTHER food group). A few minutes later he's sitting there, staring forlornly at his almost full plate. I asked him what was wrong and he said "the chicken nuggets hurt my feelings."

I didn't ask. I didn't want to know. I just gave him peanut butter.

Crossbow posted 3/2/2012 15:47 PM


Today everything and everyone has been hurting DS6's feelings - drama tears and all.

What the heck is up with that????

Crossbow posted 3/2/2012 15:50 PM

We used to put DS4 in a onesie - backwards - to keep him from sticking hands in his poopy diaper and "painting" -

DS6 was really freaked out about getting dirty, so we never had that problem with him, thankfully.

JanaGreen posted 3/2/2012 15:58 PM

Oh I have so many stories! But I am getting ready to leave work. I will share later until you are tired of hearing about Baby Green!

tesla posted 3/2/2012 16:32 PM

I heated them up and added some ketchup (the OTHER food group).

HAHA!!! Yes, my son too!! He will eat ANYTHING if there is ketchup on it.

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