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The Hunger Games!

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smallmouse posted 3/10/2012 10:15 AM

Anyone read it? I am so excited for the movie now! I read each of the 3 books in about 1 or 2 days, staying up way to late at night, but couldn't put it down :P

I think it's ironic that people (like me too!) are getting so crazy for this book, when one of the central themes in the book is that people are so consumed with entertainment at the expense of all other virtue, and like how that is how the world became so evil, and here, craaaazy for the movie now LOL


Take2 posted 3/10/2012 17:12 PM

I'm with you smallmouse. Once I got beyond the present tense issue, I couldn't put it down.
I've been encouraging my teenage students to read it. (1984 without the rats, and devastating ending). I loved that each book reveals a new and deeper underlying theme. First movie I've had on my must see list in quite a while - though I'm kinda nervous that they're going to screw up the movie... (I hate it when that happens )

childofcheater posted 3/10/2012 18:47 PM

Loved loved loved HG!! Can't wait to see the movie I already purchased my opening night tix.

childofcheater posted 3/10/2012 18:49 PM

PS Everything I've read so far about the movie indicates that it should be a good adaptation plus the author helped write the script so that gives me hope.

smallmouse posted 3/10/2012 19:30 PM

saw this was moved to books... didn't realize it should go here being a not infidelity related book lol

I was thinking I should buy my movie tickets ahead of time but I've never done that before. I will look into this tonight probably :D

I think Woody Harelson playing Haymitch just sounds so right. I've never heard of any of the other actors really.

I was just grocery shopping, and picked a long line to checkout just so I could read the People that has the movie on the cover


smallmouse posted 3/10/2012 19:47 PM

omg, and I just saw the *other* hunger games thread here. yay! bye now!

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