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Once Upon a Secret

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FeelsSoRight posted 4/8/2012 22:05 PM

Almost done with this book about 19 year old intern who had affair with JFK. Author Mimi Alford. Seriously can't think of a better description of this woman but spoiled skank. Said they never kissed...ever. Affair lasted 18 months even after she got engaged! Knew there were other women. Said she never felt bad about Jackie...that she was just keeping the president company while his wife was away. Most of time he trated her well bit one time asked her to give oral sex to his best friend while he watched and she did it! She dropped the bombshell on her fiance the night Kennedy died. They agreed to never talk about it again. Rugswept it. Stayed faithful for many years in a loveless marriage and then seduced a Guy she ran marathons with who was her friend.

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