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In Limbo book....

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Melody3 posted 4/9/2012 14:45 PM

It was recommended I read this book since I'm in limbo re: my marriage. It's called Too Bad to Stay Too Good to Leave

Can't you give much of a review yet as I just started reading it.....

Anyone else read it? What were your thoughts?

heart_in_a_blend posted 4/9/2012 16:41 PM

I just happened on to this book at the book store during my husband affair back in 2008. It was like a time out for me. I told myself don't make any decision until you at least finish this book.

It is a good read and will give you much food for thought. It really makes you look at your "bottom line".

There are so many good quotes in this book. I hope you are able to make a decision by the time you finish this book.

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