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Going Solo - has anyone read it?

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Jayne Doe posted 4/14/2012 01:00 AM

The book sounds very intriguing as it is about how more people are living alone - and loving it.

To my surprise, I am finding out that I am one of those people.

Been checking out the reviews and it's a mixed bag, but I wanted to get the perspective of someone that is living alone for the same reasons as I am.


Skye posted 4/14/2012 07:41 AM

I don't "really" live alone--I live an invisible divorce--so I can't answer as you wanted, but did read the book and thought it was very, very good. It gave a very good anthropological point of view.

The book talks a lot about how society looks at living alone and how societies accommodate or don't the growing numbers of people living alone.

I appreciated the end of the book which talked about senior citizens and how they are doing. I have a mom almost 90 on her own! It gave me a different perspective.

I think I will enjoy living alone, too. The book talked about how many people who live alone actually live a more interesting life. I definitely agree with that.

I've recommended it to many people. If you decide to read it, I'll enjoy hearing your thoughts.

What2Do76 posted 4/15/2012 15:29 PM

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise And Surprising Appeal of Living Alone

SpeakerEric Klinenberg

HostAmy Draves


Date recorded1 March 2012

Here's alink of him giving a talk about the book. A lot of what he says rings true.

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