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Get your house ready to sell Support Thread

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nowiknow23 posted 4/21/2012 17:00 PM

Seems like there are a lot of us NBers who are trying to get their houses ready to sell. I, for one, can do with some nudging (or indirect supervision, if you like).

So here's my thought - let's keep each other motivated! If you care to play along, list the next few things on your "To Do" list for readying your house for market. When you've completed one, post about it.

We can cheer each other on, poke when necessary, and brainstorm if there are roadblocks.

I'll go first -

1. Arrange plumber to fix disposal
2. Get estimate for redoing insulation in basement
3. Remove tree branches at the bottom of the yard.
4. Hang bedroom, office, and basement doors.
5. Install new garage door.

Who's next?

persevere posted 4/21/2012 17:13 PM

Love this nik!!! Thank you!!!

Today I accomplished something from my list - got a second carpet estimate for my 3 kids bedrooms and closets. First estimate was $2K, this one was $1100!!! So I scheduled it! Yay!!! Now I HAVE to clean out all three kids' closets - I have no choice!

My friend who is very handy and has been helping me paint, etc., is on vacation next week and has offered to spend some time over here during the week working on stuff.

My list:
1) Call hardwood floor guy to see if messed part of my hardwood floor is fixable.
2) Get storage unit and start moving stuff from basement into it as well as other packed up stuff.
3) Pack said stuff from closets and basement (guess that should be #2 lol)
4) Powerwash back patio and backside of house.
5) Install quarterround at bottom of baseboards (my friend will do that this week)

I'm SO pleased the carpet is in the works because that will force me to get the packing and cleaning out stuff done that I've been avoiding.

nowiknow23 posted 4/21/2012 17:22 PM

Yea for second opinion/quotes!

And you reminded me that I have to add another task.

6. Rent storage unit and move out tubs/boxes that are already packed plus excess furniture.

ETA: Yea for helpful friends with vacation time to spare!!!

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nutmegkitty posted 4/21/2012 18:36 PM

I've done quite a bit of decluttering and depersonalisation. Took all the family photos down and took all the stuff off the fridge.
The pool is opened and clean.
The yard is landscaped.
Open house is tomorrow.

nowiknow23 posted 4/21/2012 18:54 PM

Wow - Good luck, nutmeg!! Sending you multiple offer mojo.

discombobulated posted 4/21/2012 19:41 PM

Here is some encouragement for all of you -- my 3/2 home sold in 4 days! My realtor gave me a long to-do list of cleanign and repairs before we putit on the market and I did every single thing she told me to do - we got 3 offers at full price the first weekend it was shown. Clean, clean, clean, and fix everything you can. I priced mine right and am glad to be free of "our" house. Happlily renting for the moment.

persevere posted 4/21/2012 20:03 PM

Good luck nutmeg!!! Positive mojo your way!!!

Congrats discombobulated!!!
I hope I can post something similar soon!!!

Thanks nik, this is a motivating thread.

nowiknow23 posted 4/21/2012 20:05 PM

That's fantastic, discombobulated! I can only hope it will go half as well when I finally get on the market.

tiredandhurt posted 4/21/2012 20:18 PM

I have been trying to get His Majesty's permission to put our house (formerly "our home") on the market since dday - finally got him to respond to the fire I lit under his ass....since the first market analysis that I got last August the house has declined 25K in "listing value". Thanks a lot, Jerk!
The sign is finally up in front of the house. DD cried when she saw it...of course he didn't have to wipe those tears away.
Anyhow, I've been packed and ready to blow the coop for months. I have the following to do asap:
1) Figure out what to do with the mountain of his personal belongings I have recklessly created in the basement...he said he'll come and get it all, but I haven't allowed him in the house since dday and I don't intend to let him in now. He pays 100% of the mortgage, but that still doesn't count in my book.
2) Paint the new front door I had installed.
3) Remove fixtures I intend to take with me.
4) Touch up paint.
5)Search for a new home.

I'll miss this place. At first I wanted to leave so badly due to the memories, but now that he's been gone, it finally starts to feel like my own and dd's. Oh well.

nowiknow23 posted 4/21/2012 20:22 PM

tiredandhurt - can you buy a jumbo box of Heftys, hire a couple of college kids, and haul it all to his front door?

Then he doesn't have to come to the house, you can give some nice college boys some pizza money, and the basement mountain will be gone.

Good luck with the listing!

persevere posted 4/21/2012 20:34 PM

tiredandhurt, what does your attorney say about all of this? Esp since he's paying all of the mortgage, will the delay benefit him more in the end? (I hope not, I would just want to know the answer to the question)

tiredandhurt posted 4/22/2012 11:13 AM

nowiknow23: Very nice idea about the "college boys"....but me thinks - having practiced celibacy for the past many months - the "boys" being around may weaken my knees too much (wink wink!)

persevere: not sure what you mean regarding the delay being of potential benefit to him? he is - thus far - not laying any claim to the equity being more his than mine. Is that what you mean?

persevere posted 4/22/2012 11:34 AM

t&h - yes, that's what I meant.

nutmegkitty posted 4/22/2012 16:02 PM

well, three couples and 2 agents came through the OH, so that is good. The weather did not cooperate though - after a gorgeous week, today turned cold and rainy.
The price is being dropped by 10k on Tuesday.

noone posted 4/22/2012 16:09 PM

I'm happy to help. If you want to, pm me....I'm in "the business"...I'll do what I can!

noone posted 4/22/2012 16:11 PM

Clean, clean, clean, and fix everything you can

Best suggestion! And don't forget your windows! Clean windows letting a lot of light through is important.

gardenparty posted 4/22/2012 19:30 PM

I just sold my old house back in November.

I rented a dumpster and no joke filled it twice in one day with crap I didn't even know I had but had no intention of bringing to my new house.

I cleaned like mad for about a month, every closet was gutted, cupboard, windows, curtains...if I couldn't stuff it in the washer I wiped it down.

I also invested about 100 bucks on the front veranda and put a nice light and very colourful planter out there. That made it cheerful when somebody was coming to the front door.

nowiknow23 posted 4/23/2012 14:10 PM

nutmeg - Was your agent satisfied with the turnout at your OH? More importantly, were you? Did any of the couples indicate interest?

persevere posted 4/30/2012 08:27 AM

Carpet in three kids bedrooms is installed! Big check mark. Now nothing goes back into those rooms without being cleaned out and cleaned spotless - it's all in the game room.

Also got a storage unit on Friday and put some boxes and extra dining chairs in it. Another good check mark.

Step by step I will get there....

(I'm posting here to stop that overwhelming "how will I ever get this done"

Ellejay posted 4/30/2012 09:38 AM

1. Minimise Everything.

Getting rid of all clutter is essential! That lovely piece you picked up from the antique market, spent hours paint stripping to perfection and now sits in pride of place with your favourite scented candles on it and picture of Grandma, will mean ZILCH to prospective buyers. They only see the space and want to imagine what their furniture will look like in it.

2. Fresh coat of paint (neutral) on as many walls as possible. If you paint the window frames, for God sake make sure you can open them afterwards (mistake No. 1 by Ellejay). Have painting finished at least a week before Open. Ventilate the house to get the smell out. If the buyers think you've just done it to sell, they usually start looking for cracks (especially in an old house).

3. Make sure you have a couple of vases of fresh flowers around the house in Open Day. If the house takes longer than two weeks to sell, you might want to change the water and replace the rotting stems and dead flower heads.

4. If the garden is a mess, just get it to a tidy stage. Don't spend a fortune on planting a botanical garden. Buy pots of bright annuals and place them strategically around the front and back gardens. At least you can take them with you when you vacate. If you have lawn, water, water, water and mow the day before viewing.

4. Music. On Open Days or Private Inspections, have some soft music playing at a low level. Enya works wonders. A few scented tea-lights here and there add ambience. Don't leave any near the curtains on a breezy day (mistake No. 2 by Ellejay).

5. Make sure the dog bowl is down the end of the garden, not somewhere on view. More importantly, make sure the dog is out of sight at viewing times. If they are savaged by fleas once you've left - remember -THEY brought them with them.

6. If you have an old property and are worried about the odd mouse or two making an appearance and taking a bow during viewing times, set a few mousetraps under the kitchen sink and any other likely places at least two weeks beforehand. Make sure you remember to remove them all before viewing. Nothing like the sound of a trap going off and bouncing in the air to put prospective buyers off. (Mistake No. 3 by Ellejay)

7. Repair loose door handles, replace broken downpipes, broken fences or anything that the prospective buyer can see as they walk up the path. If it can't be repaired in time, just chuck it out (unless it's the roof of course).

I'm sure I have more practical suggestions but it's late in Oz and I'm tired. Despite my flippancy, I sold my house last year within a month, got rid of 25 years worth of surplus crap, painted, planted, cleaned, repaired, laid lawn and put up a back fence all with the help of my neighbours and kids. It added about $40K at auction to the buying price. It can be done.

Back later. Good luck everyone.


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