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Patrick Carnes

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Jensay8400 posted 4/23/2012 12:48 PM

I have recently purchased Out of the Shadows and Open Hearts. For anyone who has read these, any comments?
I think that SA may be an issue for me and am looking into this further. Any other women who are SA, have you read these?

MissesJai posted 5/2/2012 14:01 PM

I've read all of his books. He is amazing and his work gave me such insight...I think you will become much more enlightened about SA as a result of his books. Don't Call It Love is another awesome one but Out of the Shadows is a great place to start. Feel free to PM me if you like...

dreamlife posted 5/2/2012 16:25 PM

I have also read most of his books but I feel he really nails it with "Don't Call it Love". He also has great "work books"!

dreamlife posted 5/3/2012 05:50 AM

I should add that when I gave a copy of the SA workbook to my WH, he only completed the first few "easy" pages.
He no longer wanted to answer ANY questions relating to SA honesty/activities which are extremely thought provoking in the work book.

nealos posted 5/3/2012 08:40 AM

Sorry, didn't realize you suspect SA of yourself AND you only asked for advice from females. Maybe I'll read the first post better next time

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NaiveAgain posted 5/11/2012 13:11 PM

My WS is SA, and Out of the Shadows was a hard read (as in triggery), but very informative and very enlightening into the minds of sex addiction.

Whether you are SA or not, you will learn a lot from that book. I haven't read Open Hearts.

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oldtimer97 posted 6/17/2012 18:42 PM

I could term myself an SA, back in the day before there was the term. I'm of the flower child generation & we thought we'd invented the opening of "free love". But in spite of our generation's turnabout on sexuality with no negative responses or judgments from others within our generation, I realized negative consequences within my own self & that I had a problem.

Not a surprise this had consequences in who I chose for my first marriage & possibly my second. I've read extensively on the subject because, although I did confront myself & did the addicts choose addicts..the negative consequences also came out in the men I chose.

So if you ever want to talk frankly or have ??'s, feel free to PM me, you'll find no judgment from me..maybe only warnings on how you might continue to hurt yourself.

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