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The D.N.A. Of Relationships

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ajsmom posted 4/23/2012 13:20 PM

This book came up quite a bit in my pastor's sermon this past Sunday.

Anyone read it?

Some of the things discussed were very interesting.



ajsmom posted 4/23/2012 13:20 PM

Whoops...authored by Gary Smalley

traicionada posted 4/23/2012 14:02 PM

Nope but I like the title enough to go for it I'm book floozie like that

wantreallove posted 1/22/2013 10:17 AM

Curious what your take on this book was? My WH just heard about it and said it was recommended in his men's group at our church. Was it good?

rachelc posted 1/22/2013 15:29 PM

I'm currently reading it and I've had a Eureka moment based on something he said in the book. We keep having the same fights because it's pushing our core button issues. For women, its most likely disconnectedness. For men, it's either helplessness or fear of someone controlling them.
For me: I fear I'm not my husband's priority and this has been the BULK of what I bring to the table when we fight. Anyone remember how I was so hurt that he took so long to sell his affair car? yep, I wasn't the priority, nor was I during his affairs or heck, even when the kids were growing up, he focused on his career. Now why I need to be someone's priority, that's another issue. But, I can tell him this and perhaps he can see why I do what I do.

Additionally, this book explains how was have to own our part of the problem. It also reiterates how you have control of your reactions to what happens to you. Not sure about this but that's what he says.

I suspect this all is based on the drama triangle... Immensely readable...

NoTriangles posted 2/19/2013 14:38 PM

Thanks rachelc. I had just heard of this book also so I was glad to find this thread.

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