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been a while, finally know whats going on

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onehurtmama posted 4/25/2012 21:58 PM

I have struggled with posting this because, well, I feel I am the only one in my situation. I know there is a board for dealing with pregnancy, std's, so on and so fourth. Well, I found out my husband had been running...escorts. He finally came clean. He calls it managing, he is a pimp. No way to sugar coat it. I was at first beyond pissed, hurt and angry for doing what he was doing. The man has a WONDERFUL job and I'm able to stay at home with my DD. I'm still kind of at a loss for words, but ever since he came out of his "fog" and admitted everything, it has been good. No secrets, no hidden texts, no private phone calls, not even TT, just all honesty.

I am half ass relieved, and really embarrassed. I NEVER thought I'd be sitting here writing this post. No one in my family knows, nor my friends except 1. Im so ashamed.

I can't expect anyone to relate to me, because, lets face it, how many women HONESTLY deal with what I'm dealing with?

Anyways, for anyone who remembered me I just wanted to post and let everyone know I'm doing ok, considering....

Fractured.Us posted 4/25/2012 22:10 PM


Magda08 posted 4/25/2012 22:13 PM

I'm so sorry for what you are going through. This is a shock for you, please take good care of yourself.

onehurtmama posted 4/25/2012 22:41 PM

Thanks guys, Im hanging in there. I was A LOT worse off when I didn't know what was going, or where his time was being spent. Not that this is a HUGE relief, but I'm no longer questioning his every move.

I'm glad I have you guys because no one else understands, but how can anyone fully understand?

On a happy note, I went out today and starting preparing for my DD's 2nd birthday which gave me a good outlet today to get my mind off of things.

I think I can posted 4/26/2012 07:46 AM

Wait--he IS a pimp, or he WAS a pimp?

wifehad5 posted 4/26/2012 08:53 AM


Has he stopped "managing"?

onehurtmama posted 4/26/2012 12:25 PM

Unfortunately, the answer, still IS. Im in no position to pack up and go. Im a SAHM. I asked to him to stop for the sake of our child, but I am dealing with this the best way I know how. I have talked to the girls, and in constant contact with him.

We use to be so broke when I was pregnant that he was stealing food so I could eat. I remember him going days without eating, because it was only enough for me. And I guess, he is addicted to the money it brings and he "hoards" it, which stems from past issues.

I honestly just dont know what the F*** do to. Im trying to put back money here and there without him knowing, just in case.

I want to pull my freaking hair out, but im focusing on my business and my daughter to stay positive.

Rebreather posted 4/26/2012 13:04 PM

Mouth open. Flies everywhere.

Sweety, you are 21 years old and now you are complicit in his illegal activity. Stop. Now.

Kelany posted 4/26/2012 13:07 PM

When his ring gets busted, and it will, what will you do then????

trustagain posted 4/26/2012 14:53 PM

I have talked to the girls, and in constant contact with him.

Gentle 2x4 - bad move. You are now involved and when he goes down you will go down with him.

Please look at all your options. You are young and have your entire life ahead of you. What he is doing is illegal and you shouldn't be involved in anyway especially since you have a daughter to take care of. Think of her....

GrievingMommy posted 4/26/2012 15:01 PM

Wow, what a situation. I feel for you!!

I echo what's been said. You now know of his activity and have been in contact with the women, and are now, in the eyes of the law, probably considered to be a pimp (or at least an accessory) as well. Please get out now. I know it has to be scary about leaving/getting out of the situation, but what will happen to your daughter when this falls apart and you both are arrested?

The money isn't worth it!!

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ugachicky posted 4/26/2012 15:09 PM

Please think about this. You are setting yourself up for big issues if or rather when he gets caught. Please maybe seek family to stay and help you out.

KeepCalm_CarryOn posted 4/26/2012 15:20 PM

Is the money worth your soul? And losing your daughter?

What about when a "rival" pimp shoots up your home? Or beats up your husband? Or kidnaps your child?

What about if he gets caught and has to pay restitution? Where will that money come from? If he goes to jail? If you get arrested as an accessory? What will happen to your daughter?

I know others have been gentle, and you are in one heck of a situation, I cannot imagine the pain you are in, but you must, above all else, protect your daughter and yourself. This is a very, very dangerous situation. You are so young. You have a whole life ahead of you. You deserve more.

Do you have family you could stay with? A friend?

annb posted 4/26/2012 20:18 PM

I am so sorry you are dealing with this, but keep in mind, if he goes down, you are going with him.

What will happen to your DD?

I vote for getting out for least until he can secure a LEGAL job to provide for you and your DD.


inca posted 4/26/2012 22:24 PM

This is a horrible situation and you need to get out of it now. Your life and your DD's life depend on it.

If I understand your relief, you learne that he is a pimp not having an A? And to assure yourself that that is the case you are in contact with these women? But by being in contact, you are part of this criminal behavior and if anyone gets wind of it, you will go down. Your DD could be taken from you and put in CPS to exert pressure on you or while you serve time. This will NOT end well. Get out now!

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