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CJ Cherryh, anyone?

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Junco posted 5/2/2012 20:01 PM

Surely someone else reads her books, they keep selling them!

Anybody else out there? The Foreigner series? Chanur?

Seeking literary kindred souls (Ann of Green Gables, anyone?)

Good reading to all, and to all a good night! Catch you tomorrow!

Junco, Bookworm

Selkie posted 5/5/2012 18:36 PM

Loved Chanur! Have not read past the original three, though. May need to fix that by reading the next ones

Tree of Swords and Jewels and the Dreamstone were awesome!

Still often think of The Faded Sun trilogy. Do not know if it is still in print, though.

Junco posted 5/7/2012 19:45 PM

Hi, Selkie!

The Faded Sun trilogy was released as an omnibus within the past two years. I saw at at Borders, before they went under.

It seems to me that everything Cherryh does is terrific- she appeals to my mind more than many SF or fantasy authors, who seem most inspired by the publishers' ideas about what sells. They are dead wrong about who SF fans are, so we get poorly conceived fantasy and shoot 'em up SF.

Have you read any of her "Foreigner" series?

Chanur is so good that I occasionally reread it. I love the way she uses psychology or behavior science as her jumping off point and uses different alien psychologies to dictate the way their encounters with each other turn out.

Who else do you like? Have you read Charles deLint? Sherri S. Tepper?

Hope to hear from you soon, fellow reader!


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