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So I read 3 books while on vacay .....

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Jen posted 5/6/2012 19:44 PM

And loved everyone of them ...

Now I am working on reading my 4th and 5th books ... albeit these will last a lot longer ... cause I have internet, work and so on ...

but I had so much fun ... being lazy and reading on my vacay ... doing what I wanted and just *being* .....

very relaxing

InnerLight posted 5/7/2012 22:39 PM

And what 3 books were they?

Glad you had a relaxing time reading!

Jen posted 5/8/2012 23:10 PM

OMG .... I forgot I posted in here I never do ...

1st ... The Hills of Tuscany; A New Life in an Old Land ..... By Ferenc Mate

2nd ... War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

3rd ... Hark ! a crime novel by Ed McBain

all awesome !!!!!! I loved them all for a variety of reasons ... the one I liked best was the 1st one ...

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