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Loving what Is by Byron Katie

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polar posted 5/18/2012 13:29 PM

Went quite a few pages back and didn't see it mentioned in a title...

HIGHLY recommend the book. I'm 5 years out, and got this book about a year or two ago and have listened to it many times (On this particular book, I believe the audiobook is better than the printed book because of the live sessions with other people.)

You can get the basics at for free. Basically, it helps you overcome the stressful thoughts you have by just examining them. It's kind of "meditation quick and easy" or "Be still and know that I am God- the quick start guide."

Really has helped me overcome distressing thoughts and just focus on what is TRUE. So I'm no longer playing around with XWW's distorted views of reality or of me in my head. I just focus on what I KNOW is true, and if I don't know it's true, I just don't give it any influence over me.

I have had a lot of friends get it free by signing up for and getting it as their free first book. If they like audiobooks they stay, and if not, they just quit before ever being charged. Might be a way to get the book for free and also for you to try a new format for "reading" while driving or doing chores or exercising.

Highly recommended!

polar posted 5/18/2012 13:58 PM

Wow... I'm replying to myself.

I just really looked at the website, which I have browsed, but never really looked at. it's AMAZING and FREE!!! lots of great videos, and everything you really need!

million pieces posted 5/21/2012 20:33 PM

Thanks, looking for a book just like this!

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