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InnerLight posted 5/28/2012 22:07 PM

This is a fascinating well-written and well-researched eye-opener about the pharmaceutical industry, the most profitable industry in the world.

They put more money into marketing and promoting than into finding cures for disease. One tactic is to create a disease where there is none, then form a foundation for the 'disease', hiring doctors and actors to be spokesman. They give incredible perks to doctors so they write prescriptions for their drugs.

They are masters at 'buzz' marketing so you don't even know you are marketed too but somehow everyone around you is recommending you go to the doctor to get a prescription for xyz drug. They even create toys for children for the ever expanding pediatric market.

The dangerous side effects are minimized. One of the top causes of death in the US is properly prescribed meds.

American spend more on medicines than do all the people of Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and Canada combined.

Many foreign drug companies have move in and now depend on Americans for most of their profits.

This is an important book for everyone to read because we are all affected by this either indirectly via family and friends on medications or ourselves. Highly recommended!

Fighting2Survive posted 5/28/2012 22:16 PM

They give incredible perks to doctors so they write prescriptions for their drugs.

I am in social science research, but I used to be housed in a department of medicine building at a major university because I ran a study for an MD on faculty there.

Every Friday, drug reps would cater a really nice luncheon for the doctors and medical students so that they could get face time to peddle their wares. There were other "gimmies" as well, but this was the one that shocked me because it was a way for medical students who weren't even practicing yet to get acclimated to the drug company culture and to learn to expect a cozy relationship.

I haven't heard of the book, but now that I know about it I will definitely put it on my "must read" list.

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