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The Happiness Project

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tellmewhy posted 6/14/2012 11:06 AM

by Gretchen Rubin.
Has anyone read this? I'm about in the middle and, while some of the things don't apply to my situation, I know there are areas of my life that need work.
Would like to hear if anyone has started their own project.

Pentup posted 6/14/2012 14:54 PM

I read it. I didn't start a project. I do refer back to it when I find myself "stuck".

twinmama posted 6/29/2012 21:58 PM

I get the daily email of quotes....need to look into getting the book though.

ChoosingHope posted 7/2/2012 00:10 AM

Oh. This makes me sad. I was reading this book right before my big D-Day last September.

If ONLY I could solve my problems with Rubin's suggestions.

Having said that, I know I'e incorporated many of her ideas into my recovery, starting with organizing everything in my house and throwing away or giving away everything we don't need.

Yes, I liked this book very much. Feels like a million years since I read it, however, instead of 12 months.

artgirl posted 7/2/2012 15:41 PM

I have the book on my ipad, but have not started reading it yet. Sounds like there are some very helpful things though

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