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"Act like a lady, think like a man"

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Why?? posted 7/13/2012 14:52 PM

Has anyone read this? Someone mentioned it was a good book for dating and went hand in hand with "He's just not that into you".

Thoughts? Recommendations?


StillGoing posted 7/13/2012 15:21 PM

Oh, it's a relationship book.

From the title I thought it would be how someone can translate the desire to humorously sharing an explosive fart or get drunk with a buddy, steal riding lawnmowers and joust on the community soccer field into ladylike behavior. That would be fucking awesome.

silverhopes posted 7/13/2012 22:16 PM

I read it. I have mixed feelings about it (due to Steve Harvey's own marital history). Definitely a relationship book. Maybe I'm just weird, but the lightheartedness irritated me in some places, maybe because there seemed to be some parts where Harvey gave minimal responsibility to the guys about some mishaps. Kind of a "think smart - don't get yourself involved in this situation, the guy can get away with being this way..." It's been a while, don't remember most of it.

Anyone else remember it more freshly than I do?

Helen of Troy posted 7/19/2012 12:43 PM

I'd check it out from library, not one I'd recommend buying to hold for reference.

MissesJai posted 7/19/2012 12:52 PM

yeah will get by said it best - lukewarm. It's basic stuff, nothing too deep and honestly, it gives men too many passes for bullshit behavior....

meaniemouse posted 7/19/2012 14:23 PM

I read it. Just ok and sounded a lot like playing games to me. Maybe I'm just too old to appreciate it.

hitbyatruck posted 7/19/2012 15:18 PM

I read this when I thought I was getting divorced.

I liked it. I thought it gave women some good clear boundaries to consider.

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