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What are some good Imago therapy books?

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ElectricBlue posted 7/19/2012 19:11 PM

Can anyone recommend any they've read that they were impressed with? I figure even if he can't communicate maybe I can learn how.

Fighting2Survive posted 7/19/2012 19:30 PM

"Getting the Love You Want" by Harville Hendrix.

The book has several exercises in the back, but I'd recommend getting the separate exercise book to go with the reading book. The seperate one has better descriiptions and a few more exercises than what is given in the abbreviated, back of the book version.

We bought two copies of the book and read a chapter each week. Then we'd do the exercises as we moved through the book. We ended up liking the experience so much we saw an Imago therapist for our MC.

ElectricBlue posted 7/20/2012 12:24 PM

Thanks Fighting. That's one I came across several times, now it's been given a real world recommendation, always a good thing.

Rollercoaster posted 7/20/2012 18:22 PM

I ditto "Getting the Love You Want".

ElectricBlue posted 7/22/2012 20:32 PM

Thank you.

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