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Revenge of the Middle-aged Woman

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timestandsstill posted 7/28/2012 20:16 PM

Fictional story about WH who leaves for an OW. Good for a good cathartic cry - author's description of what the main character goes through when finding out is recognizable.

Now I haven't finished it yet, but it's pretty good for reading about an A from this perspective. I don't know what the "revenge" is yet unless it's the main character living well in her new life.

Keepcalm posted 8/11/2012 16:06 PM

I am reading "A Rural Affair" by Catherine Alliott. In the book the husband is an ass, killed by accident and then it's found out he was having an affair. Kind of cute, not deep but somehow satisfying.

PippaPeach6 posted 11/16/2012 13:20 PM

I read this book pre-A and loved it. A very cathartic book, and doesn't hurt that I love Brit lit! Great story for New Beginners ((((((hug))))) .I had no idea how close I would identify with this story later in my own life. . . I actually re-read it not that long ago, and knew that, push come to shove, I would be that strong woman Thank God we're in happy R.

Edie posted 11/16/2012 17:57 PM

Read it post A. The revenge is good.

Kajem posted 11/17/2012 08:31 AM

I read it pre A, picked it up again post A.

I think it's still on my bookshelf as a keeper.

Let us know what you think of the ending.

dmari posted 11/18/2012 00:41 AM

I haven't read any fictions since my d'day. I think I'm ready to do some reading now. I'm so happy you posted this book. I'm going to pick up from my library tomorrow! Thank you for the suggestion! dmari

luv2swim posted 11/25/2012 14:18 PM

When I read this book I was a middle-aged woman hoping for some sort of karmic justice to strike my H and his OW.

This book is gentle and even sweet, and it provided me the vision of future justice I so desired as I was negotiating divorce with my H. I do not remember it as being too triggery either ... which was a factor in my reading choices for a phase of my healing.

loserhusband posted 11/26/2012 17:46 PM

I think that I would love a book were the fucktard gets his in the end :)

loserhusband posted 11/26/2012 17:46 PM

I think that I would love a book were the fucktard gets his in the end :)

luv2swim posted 11/28/2012 01:57 AM

He does ... and if I remember correctly, to an extent so does the other women. Plus, the Middle-aged Women does so very well in the end. Rather a satisfying read.

Laura28 posted 1/14/2013 05:16 AM


I haven't read the book but saw the movie.

I really liked it and would bet the author was a BS.

Christine Lahti is the star and she is fabulous!!!! Unfortunately it was a Telemovie and I haven't been able to buy it anywhere.

Highly recommend it!!!


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