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New Twist on Romance/Fantasy

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Pulverized posted 7/30/2012 08:40 AM

This is a must read if you like action adventure, fantasy, romance and even a little steam

Calypso Halloran sees the future...a useful talent for a veteran street cop. A no-nonsense sergeant in charge of a tough night shift, she vacations every year in Summerland Key, Florida...her very own paradise. But her serene world is turned upsidedown when a sexy, mysterious stranger walks into her life.

Athan Antares rules the Eighth House of Scorpio. He exudes sex, he's bad-ass and he's out to protect the future ruler of the Twelfth House of Pisces...Calypso Halloran. If only she knew.

In a race against time, Athan must convince the pragmatic Calypso that she is more than she seems, that those she cares for the most are in danger, and her acceptance of her new life is the key to preventing her own murder.

Random thoughts posted 8/2/2012 19:20 PM

Who is the author (I'm on my kindle) so cant cut and paste.

Thks in advance.

Have you tried Kresley Cole, she writes paranormals and writes her women as strong as her men.

Pulverized posted 8/3/2012 03:41 AM

The author is TL McCallan...

And I haven't tried that author....but I'll look her up!


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