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The Optimism Bias: Tour of the Irrationally Positive Brain

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phmh posted 8/3/2012 19:27 PM

By Tali Sharot -- highly recommended.

My local paper had called it one of the best non-fiction books of 2011, so I got it out of the library.

Just fascinating.

It doesn't touch directly on infidelity, but so many points in the book were salient to what we're going through. So interesting to read about the functional MRIs and how our brains react to certain things.

Highly recommended!!!

InnerLight posted 8/17/2012 00:14 AM


I've been getting positive psychology books as audiobooks and listening as I fall asleep at night. Then wake up and fall asleep a few times.

I can't read self-help or psychology books but I like to listen to them.

I will look this one up.

jjct posted 9/21/2012 06:58 AM

Bumping this because I just learned about "119.5 seconds" - the Guinness pour

I think this book would be a good (at least) semester's worth of independent study!

I'm surprised though, that in the section @ dread, the famous; "Wait until your father gets home." wasn't used!

& Lookie here!

"Remarriage is the triumph of hope over experience."

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