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Need a good read?

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NWfleur posted 8/12/2012 21:55 PM

Read Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Zafon. I have recommended it to many, many people, and not one of them was disappointed. And nearly all of them ended up staying up late at night to read the last several chapters of the book.

Happy reading!

wildbananas posted 8/12/2012 23:38 PM

This looks good - I put it on my to be read list. Thanks!

teach5 posted 8/14/2012 14:57 PM

I read that a while ago and just finished the "prequel", Angel's Game, and the sequel, Prisoner of Heaven, which tells Fermin's story. Both were good!

metamorphisis posted 8/14/2012 15:23 PM

I was in the library yesterday with my phone in hand and read this post to get some book ideas. I picked it up. I'll start it before bed tonight

InnerLight posted 8/17/2012 00:16 AM

Is the writing good? Or is it a racey plot good read? Are the characters well developed?

I realize we have different ideas of what is a good read so more info please!

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