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Thank you LadyV

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Isabella39 posted 8/20/2012 23:31 PM

I just wanted to say thank you for the recommendation of the Rock Chick Books. They are great.

Do you have other similar recommendations?

P.S. I haven't posted in probably 2 years but i read in the book club all the time and enjoy your comments (and NA's) about books.


ladyvorkosigan posted 8/20/2012 23:43 PM

I am The Cat Bastet at Goodreads and keep my collection and ratings over there. Happy to invite you, just send me a request there.

Crossbow posted 8/31/2012 22:57 PM

What is Good Reads?

shockandhurt posted 9/2/2012 09:10 AM

It is a place where you can rate and review books if you like, or just keep track of the books you read. You can also connect with friends over there and see what they are reading or join groups/book clubs and have discussions with other people about all different kinds of books.

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