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Unscramble the word game

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Crossbow posted 9/24/2012 11:23 AM

squeezabilities???? Okay



weeping willow posted 9/24/2012 21:37 PM



time2grow posted 9/24/2012 23:13 PM



WarehouseGuy posted 9/25/2012 07:47 AM


Good one T2G

try this one



Chria posted 9/25/2012 10:58 AM

Avenged Autos?

time2grow posted 9/25/2012 23:53 PM

WHG – that’s a good one, I can get 9 of the 12 to work.

Are the letters right?

Is it English?

Crossbow posted 9/26/2012 00:16 AM

I think I'd like to buy a vowel.

weeping willow posted 9/26/2012 00:44 AM

Is it English?

I can get 9 of the 12 too.
I was wondering if it's Pig Latin! Because Pig Latin always has more letters in a word than English does.

wildbananas posted 9/26/2012 00:45 AM

I got the 9, too. I'm curious to know what it is. Come on out, WHG... help us!

neverendinghurt posted 9/26/2012 01:21 AM

advantageous - if I am right I think you missed a letter

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WarehouseGuy posted 9/26/2012 05:38 AM

Sorry guys--I spelled it wrong

Advantageous---not adventageous

My mother the school teacher would probably disown me

WTG Neverending!!! I think it's your turn next.


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Chria posted 9/26/2012 06:35 AM

HEY. My "Avenged Autos" worked with all the letters you originally gave....

weeping willow posted 9/26/2012 09:10 AM

Good job, neh! Come back and give us a scrambled word, pleeeeeeze?

Crossbow posted 9/26/2012 10:11 AM

A was the vowel I wanted to buy!

Give us another one!

neverendinghurt posted 9/26/2012 10:13 AM


WarehouseGuy posted 9/26/2012 16:18 PM

I think it's "beachcomber"--but there's an extra E that worries me


weeping willow posted 9/26/2012 17:26 PM

A was the vowel I wanted to buy!

All I can come up with is beachcomber too. I think you're right WHG...there's an extra e in neh's scrambled word, if in fact, the word is beachcomber.

[This message edited by weeping willow at 5:32 PM, September 26th (Wednesday)]

WarehouseGuy posted 9/26/2012 18:37 PM

Let's go with this



[This message edited by WarehouseGuy at 6:38 PM, September 26th (Wednesday)]

neverendinghurt posted 9/26/2012 20:16 PM

sorry guys, yes, it was beachcomber.

weeping willow posted 9/26/2012 22:10 PM



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