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the bar scene

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PlainsGirl29 posted 9/22/2012 17:59 PM

Wow! It is crazy out there, and some of the pick up lines really? I went out with friends and family last night for my bday. As we were leaving some guy tried to bait me by saying his wife died, he was about 30, I bluntly said "seriously?" He said no, I then gave him a piece of my mind, told him my mom died at 44 and it is not ok going saying stuff like that.

I then realized if I were to ever meet a decent guy at a bar in the future I better be picking because sharks abound in the bar.

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StillGoing posted 9/22/2012 18:44 PM

"Wanna breed?"

Probably not the same bar. Sorry, carry on.

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phmh posted 9/22/2012 19:48 PM

I don't get pick up lines at all. Do they actually work in real life?

I've only ever had 1-2 said to me, but I shot the guy down each time. Too creepy for my taste.

Sad in AZ posted 9/22/2012 20:14 PM

I grew up in a bar; they are generally not where you want to look for love...

persevere posted 9/22/2012 22:34 PM

I've certainly done the bar thing, and had results in the past, but it would not be my preferred method of meeting

TheBigA posted 9/22/2012 23:16 PM

My WS got her bar degree and I don't mean a lawyer. I guess she is pursing her life long ambitions at 45. Now she doesn't have to go far for OM

nowiknow23 posted 9/22/2012 23:27 PM

I live in a college town, and I would no more go to the bar to meet someone than I would swim in a cesspool searching for a diamond.

damncutekitty posted 9/23/2012 02:16 AM

Personally I don't see how bars are any worse than dating sites.

PlainsGirl29 posted 9/23/2012 08:26 AM

I agree DCK, I am sure there are many nice guys at the bars, but only they are reserved, shy etc. My problem was the ones that try to talk wait til closing, there was a group of guys trying to talk to some of us and that was at the very end of the night, they weren't giving crazy pick up lines though. I guess my experience has been I cannot go to the bar and not get pick up lines but some are just strange, I see many threads on the crazy online dating world and wanted to chime in it can be crazy irl too.

PlainsGirl29 posted 9/23/2012 08:28 AM

Meeting a guy at a bar is above online dating for me lol.

torn2bits posted 9/23/2012 08:42 AM

I have been going to the bara lately because I like to dance. I should add that since my friends don't really like to dance, I have gone by myself. I have guys just ask me over to talk when they see I am alone.

I have to say that there is no way that I would be expecting to find anything but a 1 nite stand at a bar. In the past, it really has only resulted in a makeout session and those guys looking for "cougars".

Some say after we have talked all nite that they will call to go out in the next week but never do.

I just look at it as I am meeting someone just for that nite and that's it. I don't like going to the bar, but this seems the only place where dancing is possible.

PlainsGirl29 posted 9/23/2012 08:54 AM

I go to dance too, t2b, sometimess u get bored of dancing at home lol

dreamrunner posted 9/23/2012 09:40 AM

My sister met her husband in a bar, and they've been married for over 30 years!

torn2bits posted 9/23/2012 10:05 AM

I just think there's a lot of drinking going on and you don't know if they are lit or not.

I wish I could have been married for 30 years instead of this garbage!

completeshock posted 9/23/2012 11:13 AM

I think bars can be just like any place else you meet people. If you go there to have a night out with friends, dance, have a few drinks and happen to hit it off with someone then it can work out great. If you go there with the intent to be on the prowl and pick someone up, well then the chances of it working out are not so great in my opinion.

persevere posted 9/23/2012 11:21 AM

The thing with bars is the obvious, there's lots of alcohol involved, which can add in all sorts of variables.

There's the one night stand variable, there's the beer goggles variable, , I've definitely been burned by that one before, , there's the variable Plains mentioned - the 2 a.m. troll, their last shot to take a drunk girl home, lol, and then there are, of course, a few nice guys there.

Now online dating has it's own crazy variables, but I don't have to get dressed up and go out to "troll" lol, only when I'm actually going to meet someone, although sometimes the guys you meet do drive you to want to

I think everyone tries different avenues at different times - it's just what works for you.

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Sad in AZ posted 9/23/2012 19:43 PM

I don't do bars or on line dating...

But then, I really don't do anything about dating

phmh posted 4/1/2014 19:20 PM

Reviving this old thread due to having the most disgusting pickup line ever used on me yesterday.

I was at a baseball game, and my friend and I were hanging out in the concourse, waiting for another friend to join us.

These two guys came over to us and said,

"Did you grow up on a chicken farm?"

We told them to leave us alone.

They responded: "Because you sure know how to make a cock grow."

Can you ever imagine saying something similar to a stranger, no matter how drunk you were? SO GROSS!!!!!

mixedemotions posted 4/1/2014 19:39 PM

How to make a cock grow? EW.

Maybe we should start a new thread for ridiculous lines, my latest one happened in a grocery store parking lot...

I was walking through the parking lot towards the store, saw a truck come careening around the corner so naturally I stopped and anticipated waiting till it passed. The driver slowed down to a crawl and we did the awkward "you go" "no you go" dance, till finally I just walked past.

The driver leaned out of the window and yelled so loudly "CAUSE YOU CUTE! I WASN'T GONNA STOP!"

What a gentleman. I' Nope.

phmh posted 4/1/2014 19:57 PM

I feel like this is now a free association thread, where the next post has to be inspired by the previous post.

Two years ago, I was out running. I had been having a bad day running (witnessed some verbal domestic abuse) and a guy in a truck that was driving by yelled out to me, "You're beautiful! I love you!"

I posted a Missed Connection on craigslist. I was very clear that I would not be responding to anyone who e-mailed me, but that I'd been having a bad day and while I usually hate it when guys yell things out the window at me, this one made me laugh.

I had somewhere between 15-20 guys e-mail me claiming to be the one who yelled at me out their car window! It was crazy! I didn't respond to any of them, but that was my first glimpse into the land of weird craigslist people.

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