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Bared To You by Sylvia Day ...

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Jen posted 9/23/2012 22:25 PM

First book in the Crossfire Series ... 2nd book set to drop 10/31/12 and 3rd one on 12/31/12, approximately ...

If you liked 50, your gonna love this series ... I think it is much better written than 50, and in some parts ... I get the feeling it is just the start though ...

It is not a great work of literary work/art by no means, I read it cause it is fun and entertaining ... and well erotic, so I don't give a damn about the writing so much ...

I will say that they do not repeat themselves near as much as Ana/Grey, they wear more clothes than a plum dress/gray pants ...

I love 50 though, I removed all the repeating and put in my own words ... I gagged her inner goddess(and the other one) ...

And Matt Bomer is not Grey ... Matt Bomer IS Gideon Cross ... just so ya know ... and yeah I won't see this movie either if they make into one ...

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Jrazz posted 9/24/2012 00:19 AM

So I was going to give these books a go, but I don't know how long it's going to take me not to "*snork*" at the fact that his name is GIDEON CROSS.

Did you get over that pretty quickly?

Jen posted 9/24/2012 00:26 AM

Didn't bother me at all ... what am I missing ?

darkbeast posted 9/24/2012 06:59 AM

Unless I'm wrong, Sylvia Day wrote "In The Flesh" under the pseudonym of Livia Dare.

Now-let's just keep this among ourselves- but "In The Flesh" is one of the best romantica books that I've ever read. I'm reading it now on a suggestion from a friend and it's pretty fantastic.

Is this considered a thread-jack? I'm never sure.

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ladyvorkosigan posted 9/24/2012 07:22 AM

You are not wrong. Everything she writes is excellent.

So. Much. Semen. Though. Seriously, you better like you some semen if you're gonna read you some Sylvia Day.

Gideon, though, has become one of those Julian/Adrian/Gabriel/Raphael names. So overused.

And booger bear, never apologize or self-deprecate for what you read!

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darkbeast posted 9/24/2012 07:56 AM

Semen, yes, but a deluge of body fluids of all types. Glorious deluge.

I've never seen the word "slick" used more anywhere, ever.

stupidstupidme posted 9/24/2012 10:29 AM

I read this book over the fourth of July, on vacation. I honestly cannot remember it at all... weird.

Someone remind me please. I think I didn't like it as much as the 50 ones, but I don't remember why???


Jen posted 9/24/2012 13:35 PM

Disco chicken

Gideon an Eva ... Her bi roommate Cary(guy) ... Gideon/Eva with serious foo issues of sexual abuse ... He owns the bldg she works in for an ad agency ...

Basic gist of story ...

Jrazz posted 9/24/2012 15:13 PM

ladyvorkosigan, I am laughing so hard at your last post there are tears streaming down my face.

Thank you.

Why?? posted 9/26/2012 14:58 PM

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm done with the 50 Shades series and had heard about this Hope I can find a used copy somewhere.

Truthseekholly posted 9/26/2012 19:06 PM

Ha - just finished reading this last week and can't wait for the other 2 books to drop!!!! The writing is leaps and bounds better than the 50 Shades books.

frigidfire86 posted 10/4/2012 15:41 PM

Read the second book last night. Definitely better than Fifty Shades!

Random thoughts posted 10/4/2012 15:59 PM

The ending was to say the least. Love this series and Shades doesn't even compete.

Jen posted 10/4/2012 16:53 PM

Hey ?!?!

How did u guys get the 2nd book already, mine is set to deliver via amazon to my kindle on 10/23 ...

I'm so sad ... I wanna read the 2nd one now ... Have been counting down the days since I finished the 1st one ...

Random thoughts posted 10/4/2012 17:21 PM


I live in the US and I pre-ordered it for my Kindle.

Not sure of release dates outside of the US. But I know the tradesize is released on the 23rd and Entwined is out on the 31 st of Dec

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Jen posted 10/4/2012 21:37 PM

I'm in the USA also ...

Alright ladies give it up ??

Random thoughts posted 10/4/2012 21:55 PM

If you have an e reader device you can download it. You are going to love it if you loved Bared. I think its better than Bared and I love that book. Re read it more than 7 times.

Jen posted 10/5/2012 00:01 AM

Omg I didn't know that ... I was waiting on amazon to send it to my kindle cloud app thingy on my puter !!!!

I have a literari(sp) e reader ... Will investigate this more tomorrow ...


ladyvorkosigan posted 10/5/2012 03:14 AM

Is there an ARC out there or something?

Wrt Kindle, sometimes there are multiple copies with different release dates. Last year around this time I got the third Maiden Lane novel a week before NA because I had pre-ordered one that somehow had an earlier release date.

I still have not read this, and I love Sylvia Day. I dunno. I think it's the first person POV. I will suffer through it for Kristen Ashley, but...I think maybe Gideon came across kind of nuts in the chapter or three I read, and knowing it was first person I knew I was not going to get to see inside his head so he could explain himself to me. I like intense and obsessive as much as the next girl (well, maybe not, actually) but only if I get confirmation he's not a freaking lunatic. There is a fine line between "omg he wants me sooooo much, let us feast upon his delicious and unwavering focus!" and "The last time I saw this behavior described it was in 'The Gift of Fear'."

ladyvorkosigan posted 10/15/2012 11:34 AM

Sequel debuted at #1 on the NYT bestseller list! The fact that half the NYT bestseller list is ladyporn warms the heart, brings a tear to the eye. Some totally rando thing with twin guys *one of whom owns a strip club* *like a Magic Mike strip club, not a gross girly one* is like #9 or something.

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