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The Hunger Pains - tween book

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wannabenormal posted 9/24/2012 21:54 PM

Should probably be in the books area, but wasn't sure if anyone would see a book for kids there.

We just go a parody book of The Hunger Games called The Hunger Pains.

DS, almost 11, just started today and was totally cracking up. So if you know a silly boy that has read the book and/or seen movie, get this. It's really goofy.

authenticnow posted 9/25/2012 05:51 AM

I'm going to move this to Book Club.

Cally60 posted 9/28/2012 08:18 AM

Thank you for the alert. :-)

I read the book because everyone was talking about it and found it gripping but unenjoyable. But I love parodies. I shall buy this one for myself!

Cally - who is now wondering whether there'll be (already is?) the incentive of a parody to make her tackle the Fifty Shades book she's had for ages now and STILL hasn't started!

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