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Choice Theory

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NoTriangles posted 9/28/2012 18:04 PM

On another thread today, someone recommended the book Choice Theory to a poster.

I would like to hear from anyone who has read this to learn more about it.


mindful posted 10/2/2012 15:22 PM

That may have been me.

Its available on amazon.

By WILLIAM glassser.

Its a very useful book and is a basis for learning to take control of yourself and accept that you cannot control another,.

For co-dependants it just fantastic.

It puts you in control of your own life and behaviour.

Easy to read.

The theory is based on this premise

If you are miserable you have 3 choices

Change what you do
Change what you want
Or both

7 habits is the best book ever but you need to be areader but its the best

thought for all of us choice theory is bang on

Be prepared to resist the theory it really asks you to be totally self responsible

mindful posted 10/2/2012 15:24 PM

Threw in the 7 habits out of context there

Thats stephen covey great but heavy

Choice theory is easier to digest

Skye posted 10/3/2012 07:28 AM

I read a lot about the brain and how we make decisions. Some books have helped and others haven't, but I keep trying to find my way. I ordered the book and can't wait to dive into it! I have no trouble with knowing I can't control others, I just need to make better decisions for myself.

NoTriangles posted 10/3/2012 15:47 PM

Thank you, Mindful.

I read 7 habits many years ago but a re-read is probably in order.

I appreciate your input.

mindful posted 10/4/2012 13:32 PM

The 7 habits is my bible.

I found choice theory great but its tough in that he really drives it home to you that sometimes what see is all you have.

Skye posted 10/5/2012 08:28 AM

Mindful, I think "Choice Theory" might be good for me. I am very logical. And I believe what you see is what is. Can't wait for my copy to come. I love reading books that validate my belief system.

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