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P S A: Charge your e-reader

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Amazonia posted 10/14/2012 05:27 AM

So you know how kindles don't have an off button? How they just go to the screens of famous authors when you put them to sleep?

Well I learned last night that they also have a death screen.

I should have taken a picture, but I was freaking out about losing my precious book factory.

The screen of death instructs you to charge your kindle until the screen of death disappears. At least 30 minutes. And if it won't disappear, it also gives instructions of manually resetting (and I think wiping the contents from) your kindle after charging.

I haven't picked it up in a few months. Just haven't had free time. Didn't think about it. Oops.

I plugged it in at 10 last night. As of 6 this morning, the death screen has disappeared (thank goodness!) but it's still charging.

Don't be like me. Charge your kindle. Better yet, read your kindle so you know when to charge it!

girlsbird posted 10/14/2012 20:46 PM

Even if it wipes out everything once you charge it you just reregister the device and download your books!
Thanks for the info on the new fire though. I have the first one. On it right now'

girlsbird posted 10/14/2012 20:48 PM

Oops. Is it a fire?

Amazonia posted 10/15/2012 05:41 AM

no, third gen kindle keyboard. But is the Fire the same way about not have an off switch?

I have a ipad, so no need for another tablet.

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